Top [10] Stunning White Flower Plants In India

Gorgeous White Flowering Plants In India|Every Garden Must Have

The white color is a symbol of purity, love, peace, etc. I think most people like white color because of its simplicity. White flowers enhance the beauty of a garden. So every garden must have white flowering plants. These flowers are very pleasing and pious to see. The below list features the white flower plants in India. These plants come in various sizes, shapes, and fragrances. Now you can pick your favorite flower for the garden.

White flower Plant Name, Info, And Pictures

1) Night Jasmine

indian white flowers

It clusters sweet fragrance white flowers at night. Night jasmine will make your garden aromatic by scent. It can rise 10 -12 feet in height and spread 6 feet wide. It is a best mosquito repellant plant because of strong scent. These plant can be propagated by cutting and seedling. Queen of the night (Night Jasmine) flowers up to four times a year.

2) Calla Lily

white flower plants in india

Calla lily is a spring season flower plant. It is easy to grow plant, normal planting and locations are important things to lookout. A wide variety of colors are found in calla lily. The flowers are mostly used in floral arrangements. Flowers are gorgeous and elegant to see. It prefers well-drained soil and partial sunlight.

3) Crepe Jasmine

white flower plants in india

Crepe jasmine is also known as pinwheel flower due to its shape. If you wish to create a shrubbery border then it is perfect for that. Crepe Jasmine grows 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Flower looks very pleasing, delightful with 5 petals. It is a 365 days flowering plant. Once its roots are established, it needs very little care and water. Pruning off low branches should be done to shape like tree.

4) Arabian Jasmine

white fragrant flowers in india

Arabian jasmine is a white fragrant flowers in india. It is widely cultivated for perfume and jasmine tea because its flowers have a strong scented fragrance. For excellent growth it needs regular watering, 6 hours of direct sunlight. This single plant is enough to make garden air scented and fresh. But people who suffer from migraine they need to avoid planting it.

5) Datura

common white flowers in india

Datura popularly knows as poisonous flowering plant. English common names are moonflower, devil’s weed, devil’s trumpet. It is easy to grow plant and needs extremely low maintenance. The flower has a special place in Hinduism as datura flower is offered to Lord Shiva. It grows quickly, rises to 6-8 feet tall. Datura flowers are large, erect, trumpet shape. Mostly you will find white flowers shade but different colors are also found like yellow, purple, light red, etc.

6) White Water Lily

white fragrant flowers in india

It is a aquatic flowering plant of Nymphaeaceae family. Flowers of white water lily blooms early in the morning and close at late noon. The large flower are often fragrant and has many petals, each petal is 3-4 inches long. Shiny, long, bright green colored leaves float on water and enhance the beauty of flowers.

7) White orchid

 white flowering plants in india

White Orchid is one of the rarest flowers plants to spot. There are over 22,000 species of orchid. It is an excellent plant because it’s available in different sizes, shapes, colors. But it is quite difficult to care orchid. Proper watering and fertilization should be done for good results. Flower of orchid looks beauteous, pleasing with small petals.

8) White Tulip

common white flowers in india

White tulip is a charming Indian white flowers plant. Flowers are cup-shaped with six petals and blooms in late spring. Different varieties of shapes are found single, double, ruffled, or lily-shaped. It can easily propagated by bulbs. While planting place bulb 6-8 inches deep. It will rise to 1-2 feet tall.

9) Tuberose

fragrant white flowers in india

If you are a gardener who loves fragrance of flowers then tuberose is for you. The tuberose bulb produces long flower spike with awesome blooms and a strong scent. Flower is very popular for sweet fragrance, aromatic scent. It is cultivated for commercial use, as its oil from flowers is extracted for making perfumes. Tuberoses are propagated by bulbs and seeds.

10) Oleander

white flowering plants in india

Oleander cultivated as a landscaping flower plant. It grows 8-15 feet tall and can be trained as tree. It clusters beautiful flowers with 5 petals. Different flower shades are available pink, red, yellow, and our favorite white. As it is drought tolerant, requires less care and maintenance. Children’s and pets should be kept away from Olenander because it is a poisonous plant.

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