Top [12] Popular Spring Season Flowers In India

Gorgeous Spring Flowers In India | Must Grow This season

Spring is the first season of the year. As we know every season has its own specialty.  The spring season is the ideal time to grow attractive flowers plant in the garden. Most of the beautiful flowers blooms early in the morning during spring season. If you are a morning person and want to start the day by seeing pleasing, luscious flowers. Then you have to grow below spring season flowers in India. Which are very attractive and delightful.
These florals will keep your garden fresh and pleasing throughout the season. More importantly these plant grow really fast and cluster lovely flowers. Below you will find some popular spring flower. Choose your favorite flower for your garden.

Spring Flowers Names And Pictures

Gerbera Daisy

spring season flowers

The flowers of gerbera are very charming and look like a sunflower. In India, these flowers are used for floral arrangement, especially in wedding, receptions. Gerbera daisy can easily be grown from seeds.  Flowers cluster in different colors red, pink, yellow, white. Want to add more shades in your garden. Just pick gerbera daisy plant.

Calla lily

popular spring flowers

Flowers of this plant look very unique and magnificent. Calla Lilly flowers are also used in a floral arrangement. It blooms flower in exotic shade, from white to deep pink. A mature plant blooms for eight weeks after planting. It is easy to grow plant and low maintenance. It is best suitable for indoor flower plants. This plant is propagated from rhizomes.


spring season flowers in india

Ranunculus is a finest spring flowering plants. It clusters bright-colored, ruffled petal flowers. Flowers are available in wide variety orange, red, pink, yellow. It can be easily propagated by a bulb which you can get from a nearby nursery. It will start blooming from early spring and produce flowers for 6 to 8 weeks. Ranunculus will rise one to two feet tall. It is a good companion to other spring flowers like peonies, primrose, etc.


spring flowers names and pictures

Pansy plant blooms multi-colored heart shaped flowers that look elegant and lovely.  People who are looking for multi-colors in a single flower then pansy will be a great option. It reaches 5 to 9 inches tall and spread 8 to 12 inches. Pansy grows well in the semi-cold climate and blooms attractive flowers. It can be propagated by seeds in a medium sized pot. Its seeds germinate a little bit slower and takes 10 -21 days.


spring season flowers in india

Rose is a 365 days flowering plant but in the spring season, some other varieties cluster beautiful flowers. These varieties of shades are pink, yellow, and white. As we know it is the most common flower plant for every household, especially in India. Its size, shape, colors changes according to different species. Rose has nearly three hundred species. Moreover rose petals are used in many cosmetic products.


spring flowers in india

Peonies bloom very large flowers with a sweet fragrance. Different colors are available – white, red, pink, maroon, and yellow. Peonies plant grow 1-10 ft tall like a woody shrub. Grow this plant at the place where it gets five to six hours of direct sunlight. The flowers will start blooming in April, May. These will add an excellent site to your garden. So it is best fit in the list of spring flowers in India.


popular spring flower

Lilac flowers bloom for only 3 weeks during the spring season. But it clusters flowers in bunches that enhance the attractiveness of the garden. It is a very hardy, low maintenance flowering tree. Lilac grows up to 2 to 10 meters tall. Flowers are 8 mm in size with a sweet fragrance. For excellent bloom, This plant requires 6 hours of sunlight.


spring season flowers in india

Tulip flowers are the best spring flowers in India. Because different shades are found in tulip red, pink, yellow, white, etc. For many gardeners, it becomes very hard to choose a tulip due to the wide variety of shades. It will grow  1 ft to 2.5 ft tall. The bulb should be planted six inches deep for better growth and perfect bloom.

Sweet pea

spring flowers in india

It will add lovely color to your home garden. It is best for hanging baskets as it is a climber plant. Even it can be grown in a pot and it will spread to the near areas. Sweet pea blooms in a wide variety of pink, red, white, and blue. The mature one will rise up to 6 to 10 feet tall. Flowers are very fabulous and have a scented fragrance.


popular spring flower

A magnolia is an elegant spring flowering plants. The size of the flowers and colors makes it, the perfect plant to be grown during spring season in the garden. Magnolia flowers have star-shaped petals along with sweet fragrance. The leaves are evergreen with margined-smooth. It can be a deciduous tree or shrubs. Different shades are available, they are white, yellow, pink, etc.


spring blooming flowers pictures

Camelia is a long-living spring flowering plants. The camellia plant lives more than 100 years. This plant is an evergreen, thick shrub. Its blooms start in mid-spring. The various shapes are found in camellia like single, formal double, semi-double. The shrub grows 6 -12 feet in height and just about as wide. Flowers are large in size with five to nine petals.


spring flowers in india

Hydrangea is found in two forms one is a shrub and the other one is a small tree. Eventually, both plants produce delightful flowers. If you wish to grow in a pot choose shrub variety.  Flowers bloom in shades like purple, blue, pink, white. The flower buds and leaves are harmful to pets as they contain toxic elements. Its blooms will become the center of attraction for your garden.

These are the pictures and name of the flowers that bloom during spring season. If you find this article useful please share it with your friends. Thank You !!



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