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Pleasing Flowers That Bloom At Night

Most of the beautiful flowers bloom in the daytime and shrink at sunset. As we know that in current scenario most of the people are busy at day time and they cannot enjoy flowers bloom, fragrance. So we come up with night blooming flowers. This flower blooms at night, it will make your garden look exotic and aromatic. So people who like to walk in the garden after dinner and wish to see blooming flowers in their garden. Then they have to grow night blooming fragrant flowers in their garden or balcony.

Most of the night blooming flowers are in white color and they reflect moonlight which makes it more beautiful. By seeing these flowers You can refresh your mind and remove all stress of the day. Just go through this post you will find some unique flowers to plant.

Night Blooming Flowers List With Images

Evening Primrose

yellow flowers that bloom at night

It is named evening primrose because it clusters attractive flowers during late hours of evening. Its different varieties are used as container(pot) plants that reaches up to 8 inches. While some varieties grow 6 feet tall. The oil extracted from seeds are used for medical purpose. The best method to propagate this plant is by seeds.

Queen Of The Night

white flowers that bloom at night

It is also known as the princess of the night due to its exotic white colored flower. The flowers are large with narrow petal, fragrance. It is best fit for hanging baskets and needs proper sunlight during day to grow fast. This flower can climb if properly trained. In india it called as Bramhakamal. This flower has many rich history. It can be easily cultivated and blooms during late spring.

Casa Blanca Lily

night blooming fragrant flowers

It clusters beautiful fragrant flowers during night time. Casa Blanca lily grows up straight upto 4 feet tall. It is an excellent plant for cutting gardens. While propagating the bulb need to placed 6 inches deep in the soil. So that it can handle its weight during the wind. Enough watering should be done for this night blooming plant.

Gardenia Augusta

white flowers that bloom at night

It is a fragrant white flowers that bloom at night. Flowers of gardenia augusta look very attractive at night because they reflect moonlight. It grows 6-8 ft in height. These plants start blooming from mid-spring to early summer. Special care needed for this plant during the winter season because it is cold sensitive. Gardenia can easily grow in large pots outdoor.

Chocolate Daisy

night blooming flowers

 Its flowers look very beautiful in 8 petals. The chocolate daisy foliage are slightly lobed and elongated. It grows up to 2 feet in height. Its bright-colored blooms will attract butterflies and pollinators. It has a couple of reasons to propagate like fragrance, blooms, etc. If you need a sweet smell in your garden then pick up this plant.

Four O’Clock

night blooming flowers list

Four o’clock flowers are night blooming fragrant flowers. Which starts blooming from 4 pm in the evening. The clustered flower remains all night and closes at sunrise. These are available in a wide range of colors like pink, red, yellow, blue, and white. The trumpet-shaped flower has 5 petals and 2 inches in size. It grows 2-3 ft tall and spread similarly.


yellow flowers that bloom at night

Datura is a highly poisonous flowering plant. So it needs to be planted cautiously away from kids and pets. These are available in many shades of white, yellow, purple, pink, etc. It is a very hardy plant and blooms large flowers of size 8 inches. During a full moon, datura flowers look very elegant because it reflects moonlight. It is an annual growing plant that reaches to 6 feet tall without any care.

Nottingham catchfly

flowers that bloom at night

It is named as Nottingham because it was first found on the walls of Nottingham Castle. Its pinkish-white flowers bloom at night and shrink as soon as sunlight touches its petal. The flowers emit a strong smell that attracts butterflies. It grows 8 -15 inches tall with many smooth, hairy stems. More importantly, it is a hardy night blooming flowers plant. Which don’t need much care and maintenance.

Night Gladiolus

night blooming flowers

Gladiolus is available in multicolors. Planting this flowering plant in a garden will increase the beauty of the garden with marvelous blooms. It grows upto 3 to 5 feet tall. For maximum growth and bloom place night gladiolus plant in sunlight. It needs direct rays and moderate watering. Gladiolus flowers are mostly used in bouquets and decorating dining table with a flower vases.


flowers that bloom at night

Moonflower is charming flowers that bloom at night and shrink at sunrise. Want to relax in the garden with a beautiful flowers then moonflower is perfect. This plant don’t need much space, it will climb to anything within their reach. It grows well in the winter season. It reaches upto 15 feet tall with trellis support.  The trumpet shaped flowers start clustering from summer. Seeds can be collected from drying their flowers.

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