Beautiful Mosquito Repellent Plants in India

Best Anti Mosquito Plants for Home|Must grow to Repel Mosquitos

Hi, guys welcome to mygreengardening . Today we are discussing about few mosquito repellent plants in india that are best at repelling mosquitoes, files from home, garden area. As we know mosquitoes are responsible for many dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, severe fever, etc. To kill mosquito‘s there are many ways like spraying chemicals, mosquito coil, etc. But these are harmful to humans because they toxin the air in surrounding space (Home, garden).

So the safest and trustworthy way to repel mosquitos is by planting some beautiful anti mosquito plants for home. Even this plant will add exotic looks to your balcony, bedroom, or garden. We request you to share this article with your friends and family members. so that they can also repel this intruder out from their house, garden.

Below are plants that repel mosquitoes in india



The solid scent of basil leaves keeps mosquitos away. Propagate this plant in a small pot and place it at the entry point from where mosquitoes, files enter into your house. Make sure that pot has well drainage system, Moreover it needs proper sunlight to grow well. Basil leaves are used as herb because of their medicinal usage. It grows to 15-50 inches tall in a pot.


plants that repel mosquitoes in india

The lavender strong smell don’t let mosquitos stay in your garden or home. It is used as natural mosquito repellent plants indoor. This plant is grown for essential oils as it helps in curing insomnia, depression, headaches, etc. It blooms beautiful little purple flowers. Those are eye-catching so you can decorate your bedroom with a lavender plant.

Lemon Balm

plants that repel mosquitoes in india

This plant is very popular in repelling mosquitoes and belongs to the mint family. It contains a natural oil that repels insects and flies. But don’t affect on butterflies or birds. Lemon balm is low maintenance, easy to grow plant. So you can pick this plant to fade all harmful insects from your home.


perennial plants that repel mosquitoes

Rosemary is great mosquito repellent plants in india, Because its woody fragrance help in keeping insects away from its surrounding area. It grows well in small vases. Rosemary leaves are added to chicken dishes for flavor and it is a evergreen herb. Rosemary has many medicinal benefits like boost the immune system, Improve memory and hair growth.

Mari Gold

anti mosquito plants for home

Mari Gold is a popular winter flower, It is beautiful flowering plants that repel mosquitoes and bugs. You can grow them by seeds in a hanging basket in the balcony or in a small pot near the entrance gate. More importantly, its blooms will refresh your mood. The Flowers of marigold are used for many purposes like decoration, offering to god, etc.


best mosquito repellent plant

Catnip is a great option to repel mosquitoes, flies. It is a natural substitution for chemical spray as it contains Nepetalactone. Which smell strong due to this bugs fail to stay indoor. Even this plant is liked by cats. If you have any cats at home then you to pick this catnip plant.


mosquito repellent plants outdoor

A Eucalyptus is a beautiful flowering tree belong to myrtle family. It is excellent mosquito repellent plants for outdoor. If you have enough space in your garden then you can pick this plant. The Essential oil of eucalyptus is used as home remedies to cure common cold. Its leaves have aromatic fragrance that keeps away all bugs.


anti mosquito plants for home

Peppermint has numerous benefits and usage. The strong aromatic smell keeps away flies, mosquitoes. It is easy to grow and low maintenance plant. The mint leaves are flavoring agent in many beverages and foods. It can be planted in a small pot with cutting. Leaves mint can be crushed and applied on clothes to repel mosquitos from biting.


mosquito repellent plants for balcony

Thyme is wonderful plants that repel mosquitoes in india. It is a low growing evergreen herb. Thyme grows well in a dry and hot climate. Propagate them by the cutting method in a medium-sized pot and grow them as decorative herb plants. Thyme is available in 50 varieties with different fragrances. It don’t need regular watering actually thyme is low maintenance plant.

Citronella Grass

mosquito repellent plants in india

Citronella grass is effective at repelling mosquitos. it is native to Asia and popularly known as anti mosquito plants. Sometime it is called as lemongrass but not get confused both are different plants. The grass blades can be crushed and its oil can be applied to clothes or skin to repel harmful mosquitos.

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