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Beautiful Aquatic Plants Found in India | You must grow

The plant which grows in the water is known as Aquatic Plant. This plant act as food for fish and wildlife. Even it provides Shelter, Oxygen to aquatic life. An aquatic plant is also referred to as Macrophytes or Hydrophytes. In this article, you will get to know about the 8 Best aquatic plants in India.

The aquatic plants are classified into three types. Floating plants: This plant flows from one place to another with a vegetative part above the water( Example: Water Lily). Emerged Plants: As emerged plant, Its roots grow underwater, and flowers, seeds, etc grow above the water. Submerged plants: Whole plant grow underwater. The submerged plant is best for aquarium. 

Aquatic Plants with Names and Pictures

Water Lily

aquatic plants list in india

Water lilies are rooted in soil bodies of water. It can be grown in a small pond or decorative pool. Water lily blooms eye-catching flowers and available in many colors. It blooms in the morning and shrinks in evening. These plants provide shelter and food for wildlife. It needs a full day of sunlight to grow well.

Water Lettuce

list of aquatic plants in india

Water lettuce is a floating, evergreen perennial aquatic plant. It commonly knows as Water Cabbage or Nile cabbage. It blooms inconspicuous flower in the center. Water lettuce is very effective in removing metal toxins like cadmium and zinc from the water supply. It grows up to 20 inches in length. This plant needs warm water to grow well, Cold winter will destroy its growth.

Golden Pothos

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Golden pothos is a very popular aquatic Indian plant that grows in water and soil. Mostly it is planted indoor for heart-shaped green leaves. This plant can trail to 15 feet long. People believe golden pothos as good luck plant which brings prosperity and happiness to a home.

Even it is air purifying plant that filters air by removing toxins like formaldehyde. So it best aquatic plant that needs to be grown in every household.

Water Chestnut

water plants name in india

It is commonly referred as water chestnut, Chinese water chestnut. It is an aquatic vegetable or fruit that grows underwater. In India Vegetable part is know as singhara(fruit). Singhara is eaten by boiling, roasting, or even raw form. It is full of nutrition and taste. Singhara used in many dishes to add thick flavor. Water chestnut stems are tubular green, grow about 5 feet in height from the surface level.

Water stargrass

indian plants that grow in water

In water stargrass, each grass or stem grows long and blooms small flowers in whitish or yellowish color. It mostly grows in freshwater, lake, or ponds. The water stargrass can also be grown on land. This aquatic plant is important food for ducks, geese, etc. It grows up to 6 feet long and spread in empty area. Flower blooms above the surface level in star-shaped with 6 thin petals.


aquatic plants in india

The lotus flower is sacred in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. As we know lotus is the national flower of India. It blooms attractive flowers with round leaves floating on the water. Flower has appealing fragrance and beautiful petals. Lotus is best fit for list of aquatic plants in India.

It grows 49 inches in height and spread 10 feet widely. An interesting fact of the lotus plant is flowers submerge in water during the night and bloom in morning.

Java fern

aquatic plants in india

Microsorum Pteropus is a highly variable water plant that varies leaf size, shape according to geography. It is a popular plant in the aquarium hobby. Because of elegant, attractive looks. Java fern grows 15-30cm tall. The Rhizome is tied to driftwood and cultivated in the aquarium. Different varieties of leaves are found lance leaf, needle leaf, narrow leaf, etc.

Water Hyacinth


It is invasive, flowering aquatic plants in India. Water hyacinth can be grown in small pols. It rises up to 3 feet in height and does well in rich water with temperature ranges from 25 to 30 °C. Flowers looks very attractive in purple color. This plant finds difficulty to grow in saltwater. It can produce thousands of seeds each year. More importantly, those seeds are viable for 28 years or more than that.

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