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List of Incredible Indian Wild Flowers with Names

Wild flowers are super hardy flowering plants. You might see the wild flowers at the roadside, rock, corners of the lake, river, etc. It can survive in any climate conditions, even it doesn’t need much care and maintenance to grow.  Most wild flowers of india are charming with beautiful petals. People who are busy in their life but love to do gardening as their hobbies. Then for them, these common indian wild flowers are best option to grow in a garden.

The best part of a wild flower is, It grows really quick and blooms dazzling flowers with very little care. All these wild flowers have their own unique beauty, shape, sizes. Further in the article, you will get to know more detailed information about Indian wild flowers with names.

Wild Flowers Names and Pictures

Iris Flower

common indian wild flowers

In this wild flower, The flower blooms to very small stems 6-12 cm nearly size of a pen. Color of a flower will be purple, pale with some fragrance, and blooms during late spring. The leaves are light greenish longer than flowers. The flower looks like blotched and mottled like the skin of a reptile.

Himalayan Musk Rose

common indian wild flowers

Himalayan musk rose is also known as kuji, karer in hindi. It is mostly found in northern hills of India. musk rose blooms pretty white shaded flowers. Because of fragrance honey bees, many insects get attracted to musk rose. The petals are about 3-4 cms long in Himalayan musk rose which enhances its beauty.

Dutch Clover

wild flowers of india

A dutch clover is native to Asia and Europe. It is commonly called as white clover. It is low growing wild flowers of india and reaches to 8 inches -15 inches tall. Dutch clover spread area is about 2-3 feet. The whitish flower blooms in late spring and mostly visited by honeybees, bumblebees. It needs direct sunlight with medium watering to grow well. Red, purple color variety are found in Dutch Clover.

Water Hyacinth

wild flowers names in india

Water hyacinth is a popular aquatic plant of india. It is a free-floating wild flowering plant. Water hyacinth grows in rivers, lakes, ponds. The flower looks very attractive because of it long petals. It generally reaches up to 15-25 cm height on the water surface. These are cultivated in a fish pond to feed fishes and aquatic lifes.

Floss Flower


Floss Flower is an annual herbaceous weed plant, which grows up to 2-3 feet long in erect form. It blooms different colored flowers like white, purple, pink, etc. These plants can be propagated by seeds and they will germinate to flowering within 2 months. Many parts of floss flower are used to cure a common cold, burn, wounds, etc.


common roadside flowers in india

Datura is a common roadside flowers in india. It blooms white/purple colored flowers in a trumpet shape. The fragrance of the plant is unpleasant and odourful. More importantly, datura is a poisonous plant of india. Fruits of this plant look like marble shaped with spikes on them. People don’t grow them in their gardens because of poisonous nature. It grows up to 3-4 feet tall in height.

Wind Flower

wild flowers names and pictures

It blooms pinkish flower with 5 long petals. Windflower is a perennial growing plant, That reaches to 1m tall. The stalk of plant is tall and soft which enhances the looks of this wild flowering plant. It is harvested as ornamental plant for medicinal usage. The root juices are used to cure tooth aching and headaches.

Blue Pimpernel

Indian wild flowers with names

Blue pimpernel is the best wild flowers of india because it is a low growing plant, which spread to 1.5 to 3 feet of area and reaches up to 0.5 -1feet long. It blooms bright-colored flowers in blue or pink shades. The flower buds help to auto pollination, the seeds get germinated to a nearby area by air or rain.

Wild Indian Tulip

Indian wild flowers with names

Each flower of wild Indian tulip blooms on a hollow stem of 20-40cm. It is the wild variety that grows from Kashmir to Uttarpradesh in yellow, red colors.  The tulip bulb are very attractive and colorful spring flowers. There are about 75 species due to this classification is quite complex. It blooms during the spring season and dormant in summer. These can be grown in medium-sized pot and bulb should be planted 6 to 8 feet deep in the soil.


wild flowers of india

It is native to the Himalayan region. Cranesbill is a perennial flowering plant belonging to Geraniaceae family. It is a very hardy Indian wild flowers which grows up to 1-5 feet long. Cranesbill prefers moist soil to grow well and cluster elegant flowers. It blooms purple colored flower with veins like structure on flower petals. The size of flower is about 2.5-4 cm across.


indian wild flowers images

Tridax popularly known as coat buttons and tridax daisy, Which belong to daisy family. It rises up to 2-5 feet long. Tridax flower blooms in white petal with a yellow disk at the center. It looks very pretty and beautiful. You can find this plant in many places like lawns, cropland, and roadsides area. In india this wild plant is used for medical purposes. The juice extracted from its leaves is applied to a wound to cure it.

Wild Primula

indian wild flowers images

The wild primula is a deciduous, clump-forming plant native to Himalayan. It is commonly known as drumstick primula with a very dense rounded flower head. Wild primula grows in clumps up to 20-30 cm long. This plant is very low maintenance and beautiful wild flowers of india. Even it can be germinated by seedling.  It blooms purple flowers in bunches during late spring and early summer.

In this article, we discussed some wildflowers names in india with images and informative facts. So if you find it interesting please share it with your friends and family members. If you have any suggestions please comment below or contact us.

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