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Best Annual Flowering Plants In India

I know, Many of us wish to grow a flower plant that blooms all year with low care and maintenance. To fulfill your wish today we come up with the best 365 days flowering plants in India. This flower plant don’t need much attention and care. Normal maintenance is enough to propagate this perennial flowering plants.

Below is the list of 12 months flowering plants in India. A beginner gardener can easily grow any of this flowering plant. You are gonna like this list & going to plant your favorite flower plant in your garden or balcony. Keep visiting our website for more information related to flower plants, other plants, etc.

Flowers That Bloom All Year Round In India

Dwarf Ixora


Dwarf Ixora is a low maintenance plant. It don’t need much care. Ixora are easy to grow plant, Beginner can easily propagate this plant. A potting mix of Ixora will be like equal portion of sand, Vermicompost, soil.

Add neem khali, fungi powder to avoid fungus in the plant. This flower blooms like a ball this are very attractive to see.


Azalea flower looks very gorgeous and blooms a beautiful flower all year in india. This flower plant needs a balanced soil to grow will. Don’t make it soil too soggy or too dried.

Kitchen waste organic fertilizer are the best choice to add like fertilizer in azalea plant. Fertilizer makes the soil acidic which helps to propagate this plant with awesome flowers



Chrysanthemum Plant is best 365 flowering plants in india and blooms lots of beautiful flowers. Propagated this plant in 10-12 inches flowering pot. This plant needs proper sunlight on daily basis. When buds are visible add liquid fertilizer once in a week. After every 15-20 days adds liquid fertiliser.

one more thing i want to add is remove the crown of every branch as a result multiple branches will start growing from the lower section of plant. This process will result huge blooming of flowers nearly 300-400 flowers. You are not believing it right just try this method.



Hoya plant is an evergreen plant with normal care it blooms all year in India. Therefore this flowers have 200 varieties. The leaf’s of hoya plant used in lotions, perfume, etc by manufacturing company’s.It should be propagated in 6-8 inches flower pot with well-dried soil.

Firstly it needs 4-5 hours of sunlight daily. Secondly once in a two week add liquid fertilizer for better results. Different colors available in hoya are pink, white, orange, red. 



Mandevilla is a tropical, subtropical flower plant. Many users ask me questions which flower plants grow all the year and give a beautiful flower then you must propagate this plant in our garden or in balcony. It is a pennerial flower plant that flowers 365 days.

Just you need to provide adequate amount of water, sunlight, organic fertilizer. Mandevilla is a tailing plant. Colors available in mandevilla are white, pink, red, etc.

Gerbera Daisy


Gerbera Daisy flower plant can be propagated by two methods cutting & seeding. The flower of gerbera daisy are very costly. This are sold in flower market because this flower are used for decoration purpose.

Gerbera flowers are very big in size with attractive petals.It can be planted in the balcony. Gerbera is best perennial flowering plants in india.



Orchid flower looks very fabulous. Don’t pour water on a bloomed flower of orchid it will damage the flower. This plant-like humidity climate, environment it grows well in this climate. This plants don’t need soil to propagate.

It needs organic potting mixture like coconut fiber shells, charcoal, etc. Don’t add homemade fertilizer, Orchid need purely orchid suitable fertilizer which are available in nearby nursery.

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A list of 365 days flowering plants in india is incomplete without Hibiscus flower plant. This plant needs rich soil to grow well So that potting soil should consist of equal amount of vermicompost, soil, sand.

Add liquid fertilizer once in a 15 days. It needs direct sunlight of 6-7 hours and watering should be done on daily basis, Moreover in the summer season it needs two times of watering i.e Morning-Evening.

4 ‘0’ clock


The 4 ‘0’ clock flower plants has many name like Gulbakshi, Sandha Malati, Mirabilis Jalapar. Different colors are available in 4 ‘0’ clock. It don’t need much attention and care to grow this plant. Even it don’t need much fertilizer once in a month is enough for this plant.

It can survive for 5 years without any efforts. This plant can be propagated by seeds, cutting, etc. Gulbakshi plant blooms different colored flowers in a single day.4 ‘0’ clock are the best annual flowering plants in india.



Rose flower plants are very common flower plant in india it can be seen in every house. This are whole year flowering plants in India. Without much effort if you want your rose plant to grow well then do these things remove unnecessary grass, dead rose flowers, soft cutting of 2-3 leafs with a stem.

After cutting its branches add turmeric powder to it. Don’t add inorganic fertilizer. Add organic fertilizer like eggs shell, vermicompost, used tea.etc.Colors available in rose flowers are red, pink, yellow, black etc.



Chandini is a bushy plant. It can be propagated by cutting methods easily. We can give ballon-like shape by trimming its leafs. My suggestion will be grow this plant at the both sides of your main gate of the house. It will give awesome look to your house.no animal eats leafs of chandini plant.

This is a hardy plant with less maintenance it can be grown. Coming to fertilizer add cow dung fertilizer along with some amount of neem khali. It needs proper sunlight to grow well.Tagar flowers that bloom throughout the year.


365 days flowering plants in india

Adenium is an evergreen or drought-deciduous plant. It grows well in a warm climate and needs less watering more sunlight. The hybrid varieties of adenium plants have a wide range of shades like yellow, purple, red, white, etc. One distinctive feature of this plant is it can be grown into different shapes by training – bonsai shape, tower form shape, etc.

Keep soil moderately moist in spring and summer seasons but in winter season reduce watering frequency. Add liquid fertilizer once per month to prompt good growth.


perennial flowering plants in india

The portulaca plant is a very hardy plant and has different types of species. A common species type of portulaca plant is portula grandiflora. It is popularly known as “moss rose”. This is an ideal plant for a dry region because it is drought tolerance. Portulaca grows well in container, hanging basket so it is best balcony perennial flowering plants.

Place the basket in sunlight because it needs a minimum of 6-8 hours of sunlight to grow fast. Even flowers don’t bloom in a shady area. the flowers come in several bright colors and have ruffled petals. Want to add more colors to the garden, Then you have to pick this plant for your garden.

Golden Penda

list of perennial flowering plants in india

Golden penda is popularly known as ” first love “, It grows as a tree up to 10-15 metres in height. If anyone wants to grow in a garden, Then they can go with “little penda” specie. It grows up to 2-4 metres in height. The golden penda produces an amazing yellow flower that attracts birds, butterflies, bees to your garden. While propagating in the container, it should have good drainage with well-drained soil.

It needs to be placed in sunlight for better performance. Most importantly it needs fertilizer once in 2-3 weeks. Golden penda can be germinated by seed but it is a slow process. So I will suggest you buy from a nearby nursery.

Blue Daze

365 days flowering plants in india in pots

It is a beautiful 365 days flowering plants in india in pots. Blue daze is an extremely hardy plant that grows quickly and covers the ground. It spread up to 3-4 ft in diameter but only 1 ft tall. The bloomed flower of daze last long for a day. It blooms in the morning and shrinks at the late afternoon.

Blue daze required a well-draining soil that is moist, not soggy. If soil is too soggy it will affect the plants by fungal diseases. It can be propagated by cuttings or seeds.

Baby SunRose

annual flowering plants in india

Baby sunrose is a very low growing ground cover plant and blooms the prettiest flower entire year. The leaves look attractive because of their small and thick shaped size. Leaves enhance the beauty of this perennial flowering plant. You can grow baby sunrose in a hanging basket or pot to bring them indoor during the winter season. Because in a cold climate it can’t grow to a potential level.

These plants prefer regular trimming of string stems that encourage new growth. It needs full sunlight and moderate watering for better growth. Baby SunRose is relatively easy to germinate from cutting and rooting.

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