10 Best Beautiful Rare Flowers In India

Know About Rare Flower Plants In India

In the entire world there are 4,00,000 flowering plants species. Out of which 18,000 flowering species are from india. We know many common flowers and we use them in our day to day life as gift, offering to god,placing them in home for fresh energy, etc.In this article we are going to know about some rare flowers in india.

The flowers are a beautiful gift of mother nature to human kind. Flowers are famous for being a true essence of nature, a beautiful flower can uplift mood of depressed person with its attractive looks and fragrance. This flowers are uncommon and many people don’t know much about them in india.

List Of Best Rare Flowers In India With Images


The palash tree is famously know as ” The tree of the flame “. It is believed that the tree is a form of agni. Agni means the god of fire and war. Palash tree grows as medium seized tree and grows up-to 40 feet long,The flowers blooms during january to march. Flowers grows in cluster on leafless branches.

list of best rare flowers

Shirui Lily

It is one of the unique flowers in india, that found in manipur siroi hill ranges. Shirui lily raise upto 1-3 feets with seven different colored flora. More importantly shirui lily blooms only in monsoon period. The flowers have lovely shade with pinkish-bluish long petal which make it looks elegant.

rare flowers images with names

Candy Cane Sorrel

The flowers of this plant looks like candy. That make it unique and beautiful flower. Gardeners in some area may find it’s blooms in late winter. The flower appears white once the trumpets opened, The red colored strips at the bottom. It can be germinated by sorrel bulbs, later watering and fertilization needed for better growth.

unique flowers in india

Flame Lily

A flame lily plants tend to be climber. They grow upwards or along ground. Flowers of flame lily are very exotic and elagant to see. It blooms in summer seasons. the colors of flowers is ranging from red with yellow margins. Flowering period is between july to october. Flame lily is most attractive flower in the list of best rare flowers.

rare flower plants in india

Passion Flower

The passion flower commonly known as clock flower because it looks like clock shaped petals. It is actually a climber flowering plant which blooms attractive flowers. This flower has many medical uses like treating insomnia, anxiety, etc.Passion flower has 500 species all around the world. Most of passion flowers are host plant for butterflies.

rare flowers in india

Mountain Balsam

Mountain  balsam is a beautiful wild flower native to Himalaya. This flower grows in the form of clusters on the upper leaf axils. Its flowers looks very beautiful. Individual plants raise up-to 2m in height, Having translucent fleshy stems. Pink- purple slipper shaped attractive flowers.

rare flowers in india

Titan Arum

The Titan arum is largest flowering plant on earth. It grows up to 10 feet tall. the flowers is only open for 48 hours and attract various kind of insects with it’s rotting flesh scent. titan arum plants takes 7-8 years to bloom flower, its shocking to hear but it is true. The list of rare flower plants in india is incomplete without this gaint flower.

rare flowers plants in india


It is also known as false bird of paradise due to its flower provides a source of nectar’s to birds. Lobster claw flowers grow downward-facing. The leaves of this plants are paddle-shaped. flowers comes in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, etc. The flower spike may be several feet long.

unique flowers in india

Ceropegia Haygarthii

Ceropegia is easy to grow plant, Its do well in tropical or subtropical climates. The flower will looks like fountain of wax which makes it rare flower in india. When it bloom you will enjoy purple colored maroon flowers. It prefer full sun and grows up-to 3 meter tall.

rare flowers in india

Jade Vine

The jade vine is known for its spectacular blooms of greenish-blue, claw-shaped flowers. If you want to cultivate this plants, One thing you need to consider. It will take on year to  bloom flowers. More importantly this plants is in danger of extinction due to huge deforestation. Flowers of jade vine is pollinated by bats.

rare flowers in india

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