pictures of poisonous plants

Top [10] Beautiful Poisonous Plants In India

The poisonous plants are very harmful to children, pets. so they need to be kept away from touching these plants. Most poisonous plants in india are beautiful and attractive. You will not believe they are poisonous because of their elegant looks but they are. As we know that they poisonous but can bring greenery to our surroundings and it will purify the air.

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list of best rare flowers

10 Best Beautiful Rare Flowers In India

In the entire world there are 4,00,000 flowering plants species. Out of which 18,000 flowering species are from india. We know many common flowers and we use them in our day to day life as gift, offering to god,placing them in home for fresh energy, etc.In this article we are going to know about some rare flowers in india.

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