plants that repel mosquitoes in india

Beautiful Mosquito Repellent Plants in India

Hi, guys welcome to mygreengardening . Today we are discussing about few mosquito repellent plants in india that are best at repelling mosquitoes, files from home, garden area. As we know mosquitoes are responsible for many dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, severe fever, etc. To kill mosquito‘s there are many ways like spraying chemicals, mosquito coil, etc.

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wild flowers of india

12 Popular Wild Flowers of India|You must grow

of the lake, river, etc. It can survive in any climate conditions, even it doesn’t need much care and maintenance to grow. Most wild flowers of india are charming with beautiful petals. People who are busy in their life but love to do gardening as their hobbies. Then for them, these common indian wild flowers are best option to grow in a garden.

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aquatic plants in india

8 Best Aquatic Plants In India-MyGreenGardening

The plant which grows in the water is known as Aquatic Plant. This plant act as food for fish and wildlife, Even it provides Shelter, Oxygen to aquatic life. An aquatic plant is also referred to as Macrophytes or Hydrophytes. In this article, you will get to know about the 10 Best aquatic plants in India.

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pictures of poisonous plants

Top [10] Beautiful Poisonous Plants In India

The poisonous plants are very harmful to children, pets. so they need to be kept away from touching these plants. Most poisonous plants in india are beautiful and attractive. You will not believe they are poisonous because of their elegant looks but they are. As we know that they poisonous but can bring greenery to our surroundings and it will purify the air.

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