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Popular Evergreen Trees Available In India

The evergreen tree is the best tree to grow near our hose or in a garden. By growing evergreen trees there will be many benefits like fresh air, fruits, flowers, shade, etc. To enjoy those benefits you need to grow the best tree from evergreen trees in India. The Indian climate is much suitable for these trees to grow well, be evergreen the entire year. Even the foliage of this tree helps them to remain green. As we know trees are the ” Lungs of the earth “.

Planting trees can improve the environment, nature, and beauty of the surrounding. so to less down pollution, climate change, temperature everyone needs to grow at least one plant in their backyard or at the front of the house.

Below is the list of evergreen trees found in India with detailed info.  Before going into the blog. I want to add practicing planting is a good hobby that will promote good nature, less pollution environment to upcoming future generation. So we have to take a pledge to grow plants.

Evergreen Trees In India List With Images

Alexandrian Laurel

evergreen trees in india

Alexandrian Laurel is a low branching evergreen tree belonging to the southern coastal part of India, This plant is mostly cultivated at the roadside or at the shore because it prevents soil erosion. It grows up to 20 meters. Coming to fruits, It is a green drupe, around with a single large seed. 

Medical oils are extracted from the seeds of Alexandrian laurel. The fruits are also known as a ballnut and people use this tree wood to build canoes.


evergreen fruit trees in india

The Sapodilla is evergreen fruit trees in India. The color of the fruit is bale yellow to brown and these are very sweet fruit. This tree has many names like zapotillo, sapota, chiku, naseberry, etc It can reach up to 30 m (90ft)  and it is wind resistant. Inside of the fruit has 3 to 8 inedible seeds and fruits are rich in nutrition.

sapodilla trees can be germinated by seeds. It will take a minimum of 5 to 6 years to bear fruits. These trees prefer a warm climate and good fertilization.

Blackboard Tree

evergreen trees examples in india

The important fact of the tree is all blackboards, school children slates, pencils are produced by using this tree. It is a medium-sized evergreen tree belonging to the Himalayas of India. Saptaparni name is derived from the Sanskrit word. sapta means seven and parni means leaves. The leaves of this tree grow in bunches of seven around the stem.

This tree has many medical usages it is used to treat asthma, dysentery, diarrhea, the flowers are small and whitish in color with fragrance. The bark of a tree is odorless and very bitter in taste.

Jack Fruit Tree

evergreen trees in india list

Jack fruit is evergreen trees in India. It is widely cultivated in many parts of India. Jackfruit tree rises up to 80 feet in height. The bark of a tree is reddish-brown and smooth. The leaves of jackfruit are dark green, deeply lobed, and glossy. Jack fruit is the largest fruit on the tree in the world.

It averages weighed about 16kg ( pounds). The raw fruit is used to prepare Currys in the north part of India. This curry is also known as vegetarian meat. because it tastes like mutton meat.

Kanara Nutmeg

evergreen trees available in india

The Kanara nutmeg is evergreen trees found in india, But it is endangered, an endemic tree of the western ghat of India. The species name canarica alludes to the north Karnataka region which is known as kanara. It grows up to 25 meters tall.

The bark of a tree is brownish and smooth. Leaves are simple, alternate, while young leaves are narrow oblong. This plant has bisexual flowers. kanara plant is used for ornamental purposes

Guava Tree

evergreen trees found in india

Guava tree is cultivated in a tropical and subtropical region of Asia. The guava fruit is greenish in color, inside fruit soft flesh in white, pink, or even red color found. The raw fruit tastes sour but ripped fruit will taste sweet. Guava tree is also a evergreen fruit trees in India. 

It rises up to 20ft in height. The propagation of guava trees can be done by seeds and it acquires 70% of genetics from the parent plant. This tree possessed white flowers and elliptical dark green leaves.

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