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Best 11 Flower Trees In India To Grow

This blog is about flowering trees in india. The tree which flower blooms beautiful flowers is best to grow for landscape, in Colleges, School, Hospital, etc. because whenever someone sees them it will uplift their mood and gives fresh air.

Growing flowering trees will be a gift for the next generation and it makes the surrounding beautiful, greenery. So we need to plant this kind of tree.

List Of Flowering Trees With Pictures And Names

Pride Of India

Scientific name: Lagerstroemia speciosa
Family: Lythraceae
It is a low maintenance fast growing tree. Pride of India is a state flower of Maharastra state. It blooms attractive lavender, pink flower which are eye-catching. This tree can grow up to 50 feet tall and leaves are 12 inches long.

flower trees in india,pride of india

Golden Shower Tree

Scientific name: Cassia fistula
Family: Fabaceae
Generally known as Amaltus or Golden rain tree is native to the indian subcontinent. It clusters beautiful yellow flowers during the summer season. The golden shower is a popular ornamental flowering plant in india.

yellow flower tree names in india,golden shower tree


Scientific name: Delonix regia
Family: Fabaceae
Gulmohar popularly knows as a flame tree. This tree grows well in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is a  big size tree which blooms red flower. Gulmohar is a most attractive plant in the list of flowering trees in India.

flower tree images with name,gulmohar

Indian Cork Tree

Scientific name: Millingtonia hortensis
Family: Bignoniaceae
Indian Cork tree is native of Burma. It blooms a bell-shaped white, fragrant flower. These flower scent sweetly at night time. The cork tree is a evergreen tree and grows really fast.

list of flowering trees of india,indian cork tree

Blue Jacaranda

Scientific name: Jacaranda mimosifolia
Family: Bignoniaceae
It is populary known as Neel Mohar, Brazilian rose wood. It i sproducces purple colored flower looks elegant and attractive. The neel mohar should be grown outside the house as it enchance the beauty of house with its blooms.

flowering trees in india,blue jacaranda

Rain Tree

Scientific name: Samanea saman
Family: Fabaceae
Rain Tree is a flowering tree in the Fabaceae family. It oftenly reaches 10-15m in height. The tree produces a pinkish flower with white and red stamens. It is the best tree for shades and landscape. The leaves of this tree get fold in a rainy climate and at evening time.  

name of flowers grow on trees in india,rain tree


Scientific name: Senna auriculata
Family: Fabaceae
Ranawara is a state flower of Telangana state. It clusters a small yellow flower. Ranawara is the small tree in the list of flowering trees of india. It is used in ayurveda for the treatment of different kinds of diseases like malaria, skin abnormalities, diabetes, etc.

yellow flower tree india,ranawar

Silk Cotton Tree

Scientific name: Bombax ceiba
Family: Malvaceae
This tree produce fruits and often and cotton during the month of march and april. People use this cotton to fill their sofas and pillows. When silk cotton tree shade leaves it red colored attractive flowers which strikingly looks beautiful. This tree is also used for medical purpose.

list of flowering trees with pictures,silk cotton tree

Siris Tree

Scientific name: Albizia lebbeck
Family: Fabaceae
Siris tree is native to Indomalaya and widely growed in tropical and sub tropical climate areas. It reaches to 18-30 m tall and flowers are whitish color. It produces fruits known as pod which has six or twelve seeds in it.

flower trees in india,siris tree

Yellow Flame

Scientific name: Peltophorum pterocarpum
Family: Fabaceae
The yellow flame tree i scommon ornamental trre grown in india as it is native to asian region. It is a most planted tree at road side because it doesn’t need much water. It produces small yellow flowers and small yellow flowers and light green leaves which looks lovely.

flowering trees of india,yellow flame

Nandi Flame

Scientific name: Spathodea campanulata
Family: Bignoniaceae
This tree isa native of kenya and reffered as african tulip tree. the blooms are reedish – organe colored. Which looks very attractive. nandi flame grows between 10-25 m tall. It become an invasive species in many tropical areas.

flowering trees in india,nandi flame

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