Top 8 Fast Growing Trees In India-Easy To Grow

Best 8 Fastest growing Trees in India for your Garden

As we known pollution and population are two major problems for the entire world. In fewer areas hundreds of people are living in cities due to this they are not able to get fresh oxygen. So to get fresh air and greenery we bring fast growing trees in india for you, By this article, you will get to know which tree is good for your garden.

This Plants grows fast and gives many benefits to the human. If you are concern about your health and the environment.  Then please start planting the fastest growing trees in india, Because the tree is capable of observing the toxic elements from your surrounding environment and gives purified air.

So scroll down and read the entire article and we are promising that article will be very useful and informative for you.

List of fast growing trees in india With Images

Nimboo Tree

Nimboo grows really fast and reaches up to the height of 12 feet tall. It gives vitamin-c rich fruits. These fruits boost health and increase immunity. For a small garden is it very much suitable. It is easy to grow and maintain tree with great benefits. In English, Fruits is referred as Lemon.

fast growing trees in india,lemon tree

Babool Tree

Babool tree grows well in a dry region and sterile region soil. It has been used for ages as a teeth cleanser for a healthy tooth by our ancestors. Babool reaches to 5meter to  20 meters height and the branches dropdown makes the tree look likes roundish. This makes the babool tree more attractive and eye catching with yellow blooms. 

fastest growing trees in india,babool tree

Papaya Tree

This tree starts bearing delicious fruits within 9-11 months from planting. Papaya plants need very little space to grow and a large number of plants can be grown in 20sqft area. The leaves are deeply lobed and look very elegant and attractive. It grows well in drained soil and reaches up to 20-25 feet tall.

fastest growing tree in india,papaya tree

Indian Wild Cherry

It is Commonly Know as sweet cherry. Indian wild cherry grows up to 20-30m tall. It is one of the very fast growing trees in india. Within one year it reaches to optimal height. it grows well in moist and fertile soil. Fruits are bright red to dark purple color and edible. 

fastest growing trees in india,indian wild cherry

Mahua Tree

Mahua is a tropical deciduous fast growing tree. It grows up to 20 meters tall and blooms beautiful flowers. mahua tree do well in sandy soil. The seeds of these tree are used for cooking in villages by extracting oil from the seeds.

fastest growing tree in india,mahua tree

Amarood Tree

Amarood is ac common and tropical tree in india. It is generally known as jamphal. Mostly people propagate this plant for its sweet fruits. The guava tree quickly grows and reaches up to 25 feet tall. It is very easy to grow tree.

list of fast growing trees in india,guava plant

Neem Tree

Neem tree is a popular tree in india and around the Asia region. For every 100 meters, there will be neem trees in urban and rural areas. It is a very easy to grow and low maintenance tree. Undoubtedly neem is very fast growing trees in india with huge medicinal benefits. every part of the neem tree is used as ingredients in commercial prodcuts.

fastest growing tree in india,neem tree

Ber Tree

Ber tree leaves are used in the production of silk. It is also known as Indian Plum. It bears small fruits which are edible, increases bone density, and prompt good health. Ber tree is very hardy and less care tree. It is an evergreen tree in india.

quick growing trees in india,ber tree

Amla Tree

In Ayurvedic medicine, the amla tree has great significance due to its citrus fruit. Amla generally preferred as Indian Gooseberry. It is a small to medium sized tree that grows up to 2-8 meters. The amla fruit is rich in vitamin-c which is good for eyes, hairs and increases immunity.

best fast growing trees for small gardens,amla trees

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