9 Evergreen Flowering Shrubs In India

Awesome flowering Shrubs in India which are easy to Grow

Indian climate or tropical climates are very ideal to grow flowering shrubs. Shrubs are usually duster and bushy kind plant. In which branches grows from the bottom of the plants. In today’s blog post we come up with the best Flowering shrubs in india

There are many different types of shrubs in india. Some of them flowers while others are non-flowering shrubs. If you are getting confused to grow which shrubs just go through this post you will find the best shrubs for your garden,

Below is the best list of flowering shrubs in india with pictures. These shrubs are commonly used for landscape, hedge, or screening.

Shrubs plants names pictures in India

Ixora Dwarf

flowering shrubs in india,ixora dwarf

Ixora Dwarf is a low maintenance shrub that blooms thousands of eye-catching flowers. After seeing its attractive, pretty flowers you will like to propagate this shrub. It has many different varieties of species and colors due to this many gardeners grow them.


list of flowering shrubs,plumeria flower

Generally preferred as plumeria or frangipani, are actually shrub or small tree. that grows fast and bloom pretty flowers with extraordinary fragrance. It blooms in shades like white, yellow, orange, etc. Plumeria can be propagated by cutting or seeds, but the most popular propagation method is by cutting. It is an easy to grow shrub with awesome blooming flowers. It does really well in full sunlight.


common shrubs in india,oleander flower plants

Oleander is a hardy, bushy and common shrubs in india that are used to landscape. It blooms flowers in different shades of yellow, pink, red, etc. Oleander grows well and flowers in direct sunlight. But it is a poisonous shrub and it should be planted away from pets and children’s. It toxins in small amount ingested can lead to very serious illness or fatal to humans and animals.


flowering shrubs in india,jatropha

The Jatropha is evergreen flowering shrub in india belongs to the spurge family. It is a tropical shrub that has multiple trunks and slender stems. Jatropha can grow about 10-15 feet tall. It can be trained into shrubs, trunked tree or let it grow naturally. Similar to oleander it is also a poisonous shrub plant. So take necessary steps to keep it away from children and pets.


shrubs which flower all summer,tecoma flowera

Tecoma Is a Perennial flowering shrub from the trumpet vine family. It is a versatile, hardy, and evergreen shrub. A healthy Tecoma plant can grow and reach up to 20-25 feet tall. It is a fast growing shrubs which flower all summer. Plant it at a site where it gets a minimum six-hour of direct sunlight.


flowering shrubs for full sun,hibiscus flower

It is a popular shrub plant in the tropical area because it grows well in warm conditions. Moreover, the list of flowering shrubs in india is incomplete without the hibiscus plants. Its blooming flower adds immeasurable beauty to the garden. For great results add fertilizer in the growth stage. Hibiscus has many different varieties of species and colors.


examples of shrubs in india,chandni flower

Populary known as crepe jasmine or chandni flower plants. Chandni is the best examples of shrubs in india due to its eye catching pretty little pinwheel-shaped flowers. These are widely used as landscape or hedging in indian gardens because of the beautiful, attractive blooms of chandni flowers. Special about chandni is it can be trained as a bonsai tree by root pruning and branch pruning.

This is the entire article about flowering shrubs in india, After reading this blog post, Now it depends upon you which one you will like to grow in your garden. let me known in the comment section. My personal favorite is Chandni and Tecoma.

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