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Best Creeper Plants In India  To Be Grown

To make your garden evergreen and full of colorful blooms we come with fastest growing creeper plant in India. These creeper plants are best plants to decorate walls, fences, main gate of the house. It grows very fast and occupies all the empty surface. Growing these creeper plants in your garden is the best idea, as they add an aesthetic look to the garden.

Popular fastest growing creeper plant in India 

The best thing about creeper plants is with low care and maintenance they grow very well and fast, add awesome looks to your garden or balcony. Even these plants can be grown to cover the disgraceful corners of your house or garden. Creeper plants can also be grown in a normal pot or hanging baskets according to our way of styling them.

Don’t get confused with creepers and climber’s plants. They have some differences like. Climber plants grow vertically using support (pole, big trees, artificial trellis, etc). Whereas climber it grows parallel to the ground surface. because its stem is quite weak compare to climber plants. so it needs proper support to grow.

Below are the most popular creeper plants in India that gardeners love to grow in their gardens. because of versatile nature and their benefits.

Indian Creeper Plants Names And Pictures

Rangoon Creeper / Madhumalthi

indian creeper plants names,rangoon creeper

Rangoon creeper is the easiest and low maintenance creeper plants that can be grown in a pot. These creeper plants flowers keep changes their colors. The first day it opens as white, second day turns into pink finally on the third day turns into red. This flowering creeper plant will add spectacular looks to your garden.

English Ivy


English ivy is the best wall covering creeper plants in India. It needs a moist climate and low sunlight to grow well . Once its roots get mature it grows very vigorously compare to other creeper plants. It can be germinated by the cutting method.

These creepers can be trained to climb any fence, trellis, or walls. Within a short span of time, it will cover the entire wall with beautiful leafs

Morning Glory

list of creeper plants,morning glory flower

It is named as morning glory because it blooms early in the morning. Morning glory is the fastest growing creeper plants. It can be trained to grow on fences, trellis, walls, etc. This plant needs bright sunlight and water to grow faster. It looks more elegant in the hanging baskets on the balcony.


creeper plants in india,bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is one of the most common and hardy plants in the list of creeper flowering plants in India. With low care, it can be grown 7-8 feets tall on iron fence. many colors are available in bougainvillea like pink, white, red, yellow, etc. It blooms are eye catching.

Star jasmine

fastest growing creeper plant in india,star jasmine

Star jasmine flower smell very great it will refresh your mood. It blooms thousands of flowers during the rainy and summer seasons. This creeper plant needs direct sunlight to do well. star jasmine is a versatile creeper flowering plant due to this it can be shaped into shrub or vines. The blooms of star jasmine will add aesthetic look to your garden.

Bengal Clock Vine

pictures of creepers plants,bengal clock vine

It is called as Bengal vine due to indian native. It has a deep root system because of that it can grow 15 meters tall. Bengal clock vine flowers looks elegant and attractive due to their size and colors. People who like creeper plants with the large sized flower then they have to germinate this plant.

Cypress vine

fastest growing creeper plant in india,cyprus vines

The most unique and beautiful part of these plants is it leaves look beautiful and attractive. The star shaped flowers bloom all summer. Cypress vine trained to climb trellis or poles. Naturally, it will be twining around objects to climb.It can be germinated by seeds in a medium-sized pot. Before first blooms, it needs phosphorous fertilizer and full sunlight.

Curtain Creeper

creeper plants in india,curtain creeper

Curtain Creeper is fastest growing creeper plant in India. Many gardeners use this plant to decorate the wall because it is an evergreen creeper plant. In Hindi, it is known as pardha bel. The excellent benefit of this plant is it gives a good amount of oxygen to the surrounding area. It can also be grown in a hanging basket.


best creepers for balcony india,lavender plant

Lavender is  evergreen, blooming creeper plant. It blooms millions of flowers in bunches which makes it special from others. moreover, it enhances the beauty of the garden with that bloom. This one creeper flowering plants in India is enough to decorate entire garden fences, walls with their different varieties of colors.

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