Top 10 Best Rainy Season Flowers In India To Grow In Monsoon

List Of Rainy Season Flowers In India

Hi Guy’s Welcome To My Green Gardening, Here You Will Get Best Information Regarding Flowers, Plants, Trees, fertilizer Etc. Monsoon Season Is Really Beautiful Season Which Brings Nice Climate, We Like The Cold Air Blooming Our Hairs When We Stand In Balcony Or Terrace.
To Make Our Balcony, Terrace Or Mini Gardening More Beautiful Then We Have To Plants Some Excellent Flowering Plants Of Rainy Season. Below Are List Of  Rainy Season Flowers In India With Images. Choose Your Best Flowering Plant To Grown In Our Mini Gardening.

Monsoon Season Flowers In India

Rainy Lilly

rainy season flowers

Rainy Lilly Flower Grows Quickly & Gives Lots Of Flower In Rainy Seasons. It needs proper Attention, Care. This Flower Has Many varieties Of Colours.
It Grows In Bulk Form With Attractive Long Petals. Just You Need One FlowerPot To Plant This Rain Lilly. Monsoon Is The Best Seasons To Plant This Rain Lilly Flower Plant.

Scientific Name: Zephyranthes
Hindi Name: Lilly Phool
Colors: Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Etc

Poppy Flower

rainy season flowers in india

Poppy Flower Is One Of The Most Beautiful & Attractive Flower In The List Of Best Rainy Season Flower In India, This Flower Is Mostly Used In Medical Practices From Ancient Time.

Poppy Flower Has Multicolored In Core Part There Will Be Dark Colour Like Violent, Black Etc. Light Pink Of Poppy Flower Is Really Pretty & Fabulous To See.

Scientific Name: Papaver
Hindi Name: Posta Phool
Colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Etc


flowers for rainy season

Purslane Flower Available In Desi And Hybrid Species With lots Of Colour Varieties. You can plant Purslane By Two Method One Is By Cutting & Second One Is By Seeds. I Will Suggest You To Go With Cutting Method It Is Easy To Plant, It’s Don’t Take Much Time To Grow Within 15-20 Days Purslane Plant Will Grow & It Start Flowering A Beautiful Flowers.

You Can Grow In Small Hanging Basket Or In Flower Pot. When It Grow It Will Cover the entire Area Of the Basket Or Flower Pot.If You Have Mini Garden Then You Must Have To Grow This Plant. This One Plant Is Enough To Cover Large Area. Even I Had Planted In My Garden. Purslane Gives Lots Of Flower. If You Wish To Make Your Garden More Beautiful With Multicolored Flower Then No Doubt Go With It.

Scientific Name: Portulaca oleracea
Hindi Name: Purslane Phool
Colors: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Etc

Mexican Petunia

rainy season flowering plants

Mexican Petunia Flower Through Out The Year. Even In Summer. It Gives Flower It Is Like 365 Days Flowering Plant. Beginners Who Is Starting Planting They Should Go With This Plant It Is Tough Plant Don’t Need Much Care & Maintenance. Less Nutrient Soil Also Suitable For This Mexican Petunia Flower Plant.

The More The Plant Grow The More Flower It Gives. After Growing To Medium Range You Will Unable To See The Leave Of This Plant Because Of Full Flower. It Needs More Sunlight Exposure to Grow. It Doesn’t Need More Fertilizers 1/4 Part Of fertilizer Is Sufficient For This Plant. Fertilizer Has More Nitrogen Which Increase Leaf Growth In This Plant.

Scientific Name: Ruellia Angustifolia
Hindi Name: Mexcian Phool
Colors: Violet, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Etc


flowers in rainy season

Hibiscus Flower Is Very Vibrant Flower With Big Petals & Attractive Stem. It Can be Grown By Seeds And By Process Of Cutting. July-August Is Best Month To Plant This Flower. It Grows Very Fast And Gives Flower All The Year, But In Winter Seasons It Gives Only Few Flower.

Even This Flower Has Many Health Benefits. Just Plant This Flower In Your Garden To Increase The Beauty Of Your Garden. It Is Available In Many Colours.

Scientific Name: Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
Hindi Name: Gudahal
Colors: Red, Pink, Yellow, Etc


 grow in rainy season in india

Cosmos Flower Somewhat Look Like Sunflower, But It Has Few Petals Compare To Sunflower And Bigger In Size, these Specifications Enhance The Attractiveness Of This Flower.
Cosmos Flower Don’t Need More Attention And Fertilizers. It Grows Very Fast With Normal Sunlight, It Has Many Varieties Of Colours And Different Colour Shades. Depend Upon Your Favorite Colour You Can Choose Which You Like To Plant.

Scientific Name: Cosmos Bipinnatus
Hindi Name: Brahmaand Ka Phool
Colors: Light Pink, White, Purple, Orange, Etc


rainy season flowers ,marigold flower

Mari Gold Flower Are So Attractive To See, They Are Available In Yellow & Orange. You Can Easily Plant In Small Planting Pot. It Doesn’t Need Much Attention & Care. Once It Start Growing Give Many Flower, Even You Will Observe Many Butterfly, Bees & Small Flying Insect Will Get Attracted To It’s Beauty & Fragrance.

This Marigold Flower Are Mostly Used In Hindu Pooja’s And Other Devotional Practices.
Marigold Flower Has Nearly 50 Species. This Plant Will Grow Will In 8 Weeks & It Will Start Flowering. It Needs Proper Sunlight, To Grow.

Scientific Name: Tagetes
Hindi Name: Gende ka phool
Colours: Orange,Yellow,Dark Brown,Etc


 rainy season flowers in india,calendula-flower

Calendula Flower Look Similar To Marigold, But It’s Petals Are Long-Wide Compare To Marigold Flower, It Double Petals Make It More Attractive & Pretty. It Can Easily Grow In Short Span Of Time.
This Calendula Has Many Varieties Of Colour, Because of This Many People Plant This Flower In Their Garden & In Balcony. Garden Lover Really Like This Flower. So Don’t Be late already Monsoon Has Started Plant This Flower To See Beautiful Flower Every Morning.

Scientific Name: Calendula officinalis
Hindi Name: Gulsarfi
Colours: Orange,Yellow,Red,Yellow-Orange,Etc

Moss Rose

 rainy season flowers in india,Moss-rose-flower-images

Moss Rose Flower Grow 8 Inch Tall & 1-2 Feets Wide, It Has Nearly 100 Species With Lots Of Colours Choice. It Can Grow In Hanging Basket In Balcony It Is Going To Improve The Look Of Your Balcony.
This Flower Need Proper Sunlight Exposure to Grow, So That While Planting Moss Rose Be Careful That There Is Proper Sunlight.

Scientific Name: Cosmos Bipinnatus
Hindi Name: Nobachey Ghaas / 9 Clock Flower
Colors: Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Etc


list of rainy season flowers

Celosia Flower Are Look Like Multicoloured Flower. If You Wish Your Garden To Look More Beautiful & Attractive Then You Should Must Grow This Flower In Your Garden. This Flower Are Very Big In Size Compare To Other Flower.

It Needs Good Maintenance, Care, And Proper Fertilizers Frequently. Many Hotels & Restaurant Plant This Flower To Increase The Attractiveness Of Their Place, Once You Observe When You Visit Such Places.

Scientific Name: Celosia argentea
Hindi Name: Gadrya, Garke, Garkha
Colors: Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Etc

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