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Amazing Winter Season Flowers Name List In India

In the winter seasons climate gets cold, the temperature gets low. Because of this many flowers in the garden gets shrink. To make the garden bloom with a flower in the winter seasons you have to grow some best winter flower plants.
Which blooms it’s flower all day long & make a garden beautiful. This winter season flowers plant come with tremendous varieties of colors, size,etc.below are some top 20 best winter flowers in India. 
According to your favorite color, flower, flower size, you can raise them in our garden. These plants can easily be grown with seeds or by cutting. Even you can purchase them from your nearby nursery.

Winter Flowers In India With Name And Pictures



Petunia is an annual flower plant. It’s a massive producer of flower and with proper care taken it keeps blooming till May-June.Petunia flowers are best to grow in the winter season,
It doesn’t need much care with little care it gives splendid look to your garden.It can be propagated by both seeds & cutting, seeds propagation is easier and best way to plant.



Verbena is an extremely versatile flowering plant that can be grown in hanging baskets, rock gardens, window boxes, etc.Color variety in verbena flower plant is violet, purple, white, red, etc.
You can easily propagate by seeds, within 12-15 days it will grow to the proper range. It is the best winter flower in India.



Aster Flower plant is very attractive, gorgeous to see. It can easily be grown in winter seasons with seeds.there are a decent amount of color variety in aster flower.
If you are looking for the best plant to grow in the winter seasons go with it. You can collect seeds from drying aster flowers and use it next time.



Gazania excellent flower plant to grow in winter, If you plant one gazania in the garden soon it will multiply into many plants. It is a very tough plant that doesn’t need much care. It needs an adequate amount of space & sunlight to grow.
The more sunlight it absorbs the more flower it gives. without sunlight, its flower gets small in size. add liquid fertilizer every 15 days to see the best result.



Dahlia flower plants is a very beautiful flower of winter season flowers in India. It can be grown by three methods cutting, seed & buds. September-October is the ideal time to grow this flower plant.
Dahlia flower plants are really big in size nearly our palm size. Cutting will be an easy way to propagate the dahlia flower plant. There are many colors available in dahlia like pink, red, light yellow, etc. If your planting in a pot make sure to give proper support by stick it stems are delegate.



Geranium are best to grow in the winter season, if you take proper care of geranium plant it will survive & keep blooming till summer season. The Pot mixture should have 50% soil,25% vermicompost,25% sand.
Its flower looks like a bunch of flower bouquet, Geranium flower plant needs 5-6 hours of sunlight to grow well. This flower plant available in different colors such as red, pink, white, etc.

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Pansy flowers are unique it looks like butterfly.pansy are easy to grow in the winter season. It doesn’t need much sunlight, normal sunlight is sufficient to grow it. It looks more beautiful in a hanging basket.
This pansy flower needs organic fertilizer to grow well.
while planting in a pot make sure that holes of pot are open so that excess of water can easily drain out. pansy flowers are available in many colors like purple, yellow, violet, red, etc. Above is winter season flowers pictures of a pansy.



The Winter season is the best season to plant a chrysanthemum flower plant. It flowers bloom very well in a cold climate, Chrysanthemum can be grown by two methods cutting & seeding. Just pick your favorite color and you will find in chrysanthemum flowers.
Its flower buds long last for at least 1 month, if you wish your garden bloom with flower forever go with chrysanthemum flower plant.

Some More Awesome Winter Flowers In India



Salvia is the best winter flowering plant in India, Salvia flowers are taller in size with very attractive flower buds, To grow salvia flower plant seed propagation is best you can easily find the seeds of Salvia plant from neary by the nursery.
While planting make sure that soil, vermicompost are fine & smooth. It grows quickly within 1 month it grows 4-5 inches tall. just add liquid or organic fertilizer for every 15 days.


winter-season-flowers -nasturtium-flower

The list of winter flowers in India is incomplete with the nasturtium. Its flower are very beautiful and most importantly it’s leafs looks attractive & fabulous. It is easy to care plants. Nasturtium is the best option to grow in the winter seasons.
This flowering plant can be easily propagated by seeds. It doesn’t need much fertilizer to grow, excess of fertilizer promotes the growth of looks more beautiful in a hanging basket.



Gerbera is an Amazing winter flower of India, Gerbera flower are mostly used in the decoration of marriage, engagement stages in India. This plant is costly and its flower are sold in the market for decoration purposes.
So I will suggest you please perceive some flower dry it and use it as seed for next plantation, To grow gerbera flower plant quickly then the soil must be moist and rich quality.



Calibrachoa is the best winter plants in India, This plant can be grown easily in a hanging basket. It grows trailing down from the basket which increases the beauty of the hanging basket.
Calibrachoa needs proper sunlight of 6-7 hours. Pro-tip is Keep cutting it leaf’s and branches so that more branches will grow quickly. You can easily grow it by seeds. above is winter flowers images of calibrachoa.



After petunia, dianthus is a more popular flower to be planted in the winter season in India. It can survive the entire year if the climate is not too hot. It needs a little bit of water, too much water will kill this plant.pot mixture consists of an equal quantity of sand, soil, compost.
Dianthus flower plants needs calcium carbonate fertilizer to grow fast. Above is winter season flowers pictures of the Dianthus plant. Lots of tremendous color varieties available of dianthus pink, red, white,red-white, etc.



Daisy Flower grows very fast if the soil is properly moist. It occupies an empty land area when it starts growing. Daisy can be easily propagated by seeds.
Daisy is an amazing winter flowering plant in India. It is available in many species of single petal and dual petals with many colors variety.

Best Collection of Winter Flowers In India With Name And Pictures



winter season flowers name list in India is incomplete with kalanchoe flower plant. It’s flower look’s vibrant & fabulous to see.kalanchoe has many varieties of colors.Even I had planted in my garden because in less space it gives lots of flowers.
kalanchoe flower plant needs proper fertilizer to bloom, Good amount of flower cutting is the best method to grow kalanchoe.



Phlox is indian winter flowers plant with attractive little flowers. this is available in many varieties of colors. This flowering plant doesn’t need much care.Its flowers look similar to vinca but it blooms in bunches, Best way to plant phlox is to mix different colors varieties of seeds in one flowerpot.



If you wish to make your garden look multicolored then you must grow this nemesia flower plant. the flowers of nemesia are eye-catching, It is very easy to grow beginner can easily grow this plant. The best way to propagate is by seeds.
Nemesia flower plant is best for winter flowers in India, this plant needs moist soil and regular sunlight to bloom its flowers. Add normal organic fertilizer to see a better results.



Lupin Flower plant can easily grown by seed propagation. Lupin flowers are taller, attractive & beautiful to see. There are many varieties of colors in the lupin plant. It grows faster in a cold climate. This plant is famous in foreign countries.



Marigold is easy to grow plants in the winter season in India. This flowering plant don’t need much care. Just one thing we have to make sure that soil is moist. seeds propagation method is easy to grow this plant, there are many varieties of color in marigold yellow, dark brown, light yellow etc. beginner can easily grow this plant in their garden.



Coleus is not a flower plant but is taken in the winter plants in India, because of their attractive leafs, it grows well in the winter season. coleus leafs look beautiful and they are eye-catching. Add organic fertilizer for better growth of this plant.
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