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Best edible plants in india

Edible flowers are used in many different styles of cuisine and can be found on menus all over the world. This edible flowers in India are good for health and add unique flavour’s and colors to many dishes. Mostly these edible flowers are used in salads, tea, soups, etc.

By adding this edible flower to food it found that many health benefits increases. Across the world, flowers signify many things such as culture it represents abundance, divinity, beauty, purity, wealth, fertility, and enlightenment.

Heating flowers may look a little strange but it has many positive results for our body. Below is the list of edible flowers in India. Some of them you know but never added them to your dishes.

List of edible flowers with images


Clitoria flower is also known as Aparjitha. The aparjitha are very elegant and gorgeous to see. This flower are specially used in salads. It helps to increase the brain remembering power.

The soup of Clitoria is a brain tonic so people who are suffering from memory loss. They have to start consuming the Clitoria flower.

Nasturtium Flower


Nasturtium flower looks graceful and elegant. This flower is the most popular edible flowers plant in India. It is available in different colors like orange, red, yellow, white, etc. These can be easily grown by seeds.

Compost soil is best to propagate nasturtium. It gives more flowers in compost soil. Nasturtium flower plant is a seasonal flower plant due to this August-September is the best time to grow this plant.

Banana Flower


As we know banana is the best fruit for instant energy. Many people like to have a banana every day because it is good for their health. Even banana flowers are edible. This flower has many macro and micronutrients in it. Fiber & antioxidants are available in large quantities in the banana flower.

Especially in the west bengal, south indian region this flowers are used in many curries. If you do a little search you will find many varieties of banana curry recipes. So after knowing this many benefits. If you have some good space in your garden area try to grow this plant and enjoy its fruit and flowers

Chamomile Flower


The chamomile flower looks very attractive and pretty. It is a floral herb used in cooking and traditional medicine for centuries. Chamomile flowers are used in different fusion’s, syrups’s, tea’s, salad’s, etc.

This are mainly consumed to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. This flower plant can be propagated by seeds and cutting.

Pumpkin Flower


Pumpkin plant is actually a vegetable plant but its flowers are being used in many snacks and currys. The pumpkin flower are two type male and female. The female flowers turn into a pumpkin but male after pollination it gets dried up.

So many people use this flower to make a healthy fried snack especially pakkods..This flowers are also used to prepare masala curry in many parts of the Asian Countries.

Cilantro Flower


Cilantro flowers and leafs are used in our daily foods. Even leafs of cilantro looks very fabulous. These flowers are like herbs it has many health benefits like it reduces skin inflammatory, skin disorder, bad breath. Moreover, it has anti-allergic property, etc.

So start adding its flower and leafs to your daily diet. The cilantro can be easily grown in a planting pot or in the garden by seeds.

Edible flowers in india,Edible plants in india

Hibiscus Flower


The hibiscus grows in tropical and subtropical climates around the world. Hibiscus flower looks very beautiful different colors are available in hibiscus. This flower is used in tea after drying its petals. Fresh petals are used in salads .

Moreover, this flower are used in jams, medicines because of its numeric health benefits. You can easily grow this plant in your garden. It will increase the beauty of your garden. One more important thing is some studies are proved that these are helpful in reducing B.P and Cholesterol.

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Lotus Flower


A list of edible flowers in India is incomplete without lotus flower. India’s national flower i.e lotus flower is very useful when it comes to cooking. The seeds of lotus flower is commonly called as “phool patasha” or”makhana”. When this are roasted in oil or ghee. It becomes a healthy, crispy, tasty snack.

The stem of the lotus flower are used in different cuisines in Kashmir. It is called as nadrus and used in kababs, vegetable curry, kofta. Lotus floret can be used in a tea which not only adds flavor but also helps in maintaining cardiac health.

Moringa Flower


Whole world knows the health benefits of the moringa tree. The Flowers, leafs, drumsticks of moringa used in different forms. The major health benefits of moringa are regulate B.P, sugar, increase strength, immunity, and mainly helpful for fat loss. Moringa flowers are beautiful and very fragrant.

One of the common uses are to boil the fresh flower in water for 5 min to make a medicinal tea.These flowers are sometimes battered and fried as healthy snacks or cooked into delicious stir fries. 

Rose Flower


Most people’s favorite flower will be rose. Rose flower has numerous benefits and uses. Petals of rose can be eaten raw or can be mixed in different types of green salads. It enhances the look of the salad. Certain compounds of rose flower play a major role in reducing anxiety and promote relaxation.

The rose petals are also used in cosmetic products like rose water. So what are you waiting for propagate this plant and utilize the benefits of rose flower.

Sesbina Flower


Sesbina flower s are edible flowers in india. This flower are used in pakkods. Many indian people like to eat a different kinds of pakkods. Even this flowers used in different currys and soups. People who consume it frequently for them it adds many health benefits.

These flowers can be propagated by seeds. It grows 10-15 feet taller. Sesbina flowers are mostly used in ayurveda medicines. Different varieties of colors are available in sesbina like white, yellow and red.

If you find the information useful share with your gardener friends. Let them know the benefits of edible flowers in India.

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