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Best Vegetables To Grow In Pots In India, Every Garden Must Have.

Vegetables we buy from the market are not organic. They are grown by applying pesticides, chemical spray for better growth and size. Eating such vegetables for long period can negatively impact health. So your question will be what is the solution for it. I will suggest grow vegetables in a container as it doesn’t need much space and equipment. Below you will find easy vegetables to grow in pots India on the balcony and terrace. These plants can be grown very easily because they don’t need much care and maintenance. Check out the article, pick your favorite veggie to grow in a container.

List of Vegetables that can be grown in pots at Home.

1. Brinjal

easy vegetables to grow in pots india

Beautiful dark purple color brinjal is the king of vegetable. It is also known as Eggplant due to its shape. In india ‘baingan ka bharta” is popular and favorite cusine. It grows well in a warm climate, So you need to place where it will get direct sunlight. Brinjal is excellent plant for containers. Fresh hand picked brinjal from home garden tastes awesome.

2. Tomatoes

vegetables to grow in pots in india

It is a tasty, juicy, nutrition rich vegetable that grows all year round. Tomato is indispensable in almost every cuisine. For pot choose dwarf variety “Bush Big Boy” Or “Cherry Tomato” these are best for containers. It needs moist, well–drained soil and proper sunlight for the best result.

3. Onion

vegetables to grow in pots india

We cannot imagine a curry without onion, Because it adds excellent flavor to any curry. It can be germinated by seeds, small bulbs. Spring is an ideal season for planting onion. If you want a green sprouted onion. Then plant a medium-sized bulb in the well drained soil. When planting in a pot give 2-3 inches of space between each bulb.

4. Lettuce

fast growing vegetables in pots

Lettuce is a crunchy leaf veggie which are vitamins, fiber rich. These Lush green leaf will make your salad tasty. Nothing can beat the taste of freshly picked homegrown lettuce. So grow them in a 5-7 inches depth pot. The Winter season is an ideal time to propagate. It needs partial sunlight and regular watering.

5. Radish

Vegetables that can be grown in pots at home

 People often add them to curries and salad to improve the taste. While planting radish pick at least 12 inches pot so they can grow freely. When plant turns optimum size make sure all stems are well covered with soil. It is excellent vegetables to grow in pots in India because radish will be ready to harvest within 1 month.

6. Beans

which vegetables can grow in pots

Beans are excellent for balconies as they grow climbing trellis. Even it enhances the beauty of the balcony with greenery. These plants need a bigger size pot 12 inches depth. So roots grow well inside for better growth of the plant. Bush variety also available for low level growing.

7. Potatoes

 vegetables that can be grown in pots in india

We know that Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, give sustained energy all day long. It tastes great in any curry, So people use it predominately in most cuisines. While planting select a medium-sized pot and place it where it gets a minimum 6 hours of sunlight. Potatoes is a perennial vegetable plant.

8. Spinach

 vegetables that can be grown in pots in india

Spinach is a Vegetables that can be grown in pots at home without much effort. It is loaded with iron and many essential nutrients. Once you plant a set of spinach in a container, You can pick it continuously when the leaves get proper size. It taste wonderful in soup, salad, etc. All these benefits make spinach a good option for containers.

9. Capsicum

easy vegetables to grow in pots india

Capsicums are colorful veggie which are used from curries to pizzas. For propagation take a medium sized pot with proper soil mix and press the dried seeds into the soil. It is a fast growing vegetable that will be ready for harvest within 3 months.  Beginners must grow this plant in their mini garden.

10. Peas

fast growing vegetables in pots

It has many varieties of peas but for pot Green Arrow, English peas are supreme. In each pot propagate 4-5 peas plant. It will produce a good amount of peas. The Peas should be planted in the spring season for better growth. Fresh peas taste superb compare to dried ones.

11. Carrot

easy vegetables to grow in pots india

The carrot is a easy vegetables to grow in pots India. For container small varieties like Little Fingers, Thumbelina are best to grow. 12 inches pot will be ideal for carrot propagation. It needs regular watering and proper sunlight for faster growth. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A.

12. Cucumber

growing vegetables in pots in india

Are you interested in growing cucumber in a pot? If your answer is Yes!. Then “Bush Pickle” and “Salad Bush” are the best options for the Container. This plant is water, sun loving. So make sure that regular watering is done. Cucumber is a refreshing veggie in the salad.

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