10 Beautiful Autumn Season Flowers in India

Top 10 Flowers To Plant In Autumn Season|Must Grow

Autumn is a beautiful season because each leaves looks like flower in this season. The Autumn season starts from September and ends in November. It is an ideal season to grow glamorous flowers in the garden. So we come up with autumn season flowers in India. Now, roll up your sleeves and start propagating these charming flowers that will make your autumn garden shine and majestic. Below list of plants are easy to grow and needs very little care.

List Of Autumn Flowers In India With Images


autumn flowers in india

It is native to Asia as a flowering herb. Chrysanthemum is a pleasing flower available in different shades, sizes, and shapes. It’s flowers look like they have a multitude of petals, but each petal is actually a small floret. If you are looking for a single plant that can add more colors to your garden then chrysanthemum is best fit for it. It rises to 2- 3 feet tall, a pot is perfect option to grow chrysanthemum.


flowers to plant in autumn

Snapdragon clusters eye-catching flowers in various colors pink, red, orange, purple, violet. It can be propagated by seeds, seedlings emerge within 8-14 days. A mature plant growth will be 4 feet tall. Snapdragon are available in dwarf and tall variety. Snapdragons bloom best in well drained soil. It can tolerate light shade but bloom much better in full sun.


autumn flowers in india

Magnificent, that’s the only word that comes to mind when camellia is mentioned. Camellia is a long-living flower plant that lives for 100 years. For proper bloom, it requires slightly acidic soil and well-drained soil. Different shades of flower are available pink, red, white. Flowers are usually large in size and have 5 to 9 petals. So it is best autumn flowers in India.


autumn flowers in india

Dahlias is a tuber plant that grows 4 to 5 ft tall. It can be planted by seeds and tubers. Dahlias do good in the pot and need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. This flowering plant starts blooming from mid-summer to the end of autumn. These plants prefer well drained soil with proper fertilized. Remember to keep sufficient space between two dahlias as they will support each other to grow well.


 flowers in autumn season in india

Lobelia is attractive, versatile autumn flowering plant. It can grown as ground cover, garden border, or in a hanging basket, It blooms in different colors white, pink, red but violet-blue is common shade. Lobelia is easy to grow plant by seeds and it is low maintenance. Spread the tiny seeds just on top of the soil and water thoroughly. For excellent growth add liquid fertilizer once in a month.

Black Eyed Susan

autumn season flowers in india

Black eyed susan is commonly know as coneflower due to its cone-shaped head. It is a member of the sunflower family and flower looks similar to it. Generally, they can grow between 2 – 4 feet height and flower with 2 to 3 inches diameter. Blacked eyed susan are the flowers that bloom in autumn season. Bees, butterflies get attracted toward flowers for nectar. It can easily planted with seeds.


flowers that bloom in autumn

Hibiscus is popularly known as woody shrub and small tree. It has several hundreds of species and some of them are widely cultivated as ornamental plants. Flowers are trumpet shaped, conspicuous, and large. Found in varieties of shades red, pink, orange, white, etc. It is also known as 365 days flowering plant. Hibiscus is a very versatile plant it can grown in a pot, hanging basket.


flowers in autumn season in india

It clusters dark colored daisy like flowers such as cosmos, sunflower. Helenium is a fast growing plant which rises to three to five feet tall and spread two feet wide. For better bloom and growth it needs well drained soil, proper sun exposure. Various shades of flowers are found coppery brown, red, yellow, gold, orange. Seeds are best option for germinating this plant.

Coral bells

flowers that bloom in autumn

Coral bells commonly referred as alumroot and well known for their attractive, robust foliage. It clusters bell shaped, gorgeous flowers. The leaves are very attractive, colorful, and large size. In Coral bells plant, both leaves and flowers are beautiful, elegant. So your checklist of autumn season flowers in india should have this plant. These plant grows 1 -3 feet tall and spread 1 – 2 feet.


autumn season flowers in india

It develops long flower which can be trailing or upright.  Most of the Amaranthus species are cultivated as ornamental plants, leaf vegetables, or cereals. Because its leaves and seeds are edible, Flowers are used for design purposes and decoration. It needs rich, well drained soil for growth. Amaranthus is used as edible greens, grains, and herbs, in Africa, Greece, India, Nepal, and Tibet.

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