12 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India for Your Garden

Delicious Fast Growing Fruit Trees | You Must Grow

Fruit trees are very useful to the home garden, as it bears fruits gives fresh air and shades. Many people want to grow fruit trees but they think it will take many years to bear fruits. So to solve that problem we come with fast growing fruit trees in india. Which grow really fast and start bearing fruits within a few months or year (1-2).  These trees can be easily propagated in the backyard. As we know Trees are an important part of human life, culture in India and at least one tree should be planted by an individual. As it will help to keep nature green and free from pollution.

List of Fruit Trees With Pictures


fast growing fruit trees

Jaam trees are grown in tropical and sub-tropical climate conditions. Propagating it with seeds will take a long time to grow, best method is by cutting and grafting. Fruits are light green to yellow with a delicious taste. In some varities fruits, inner flesh will be reddish and taste very sweet. Some important varieties of guava fruit are Chittidar, Hafshi, Harijha, Allahabad Safeda, Allahabadi Surkha. It reaches up to 10 – 12 ft tall and roughly 15 feet wide.


list of fruit trees with pictures,papaya tree

Papaya is a small branched fruit tree. It can easily propagated by seeds. Papay tree bears fruits very fast within 9-11 months. It needs proper sunlight, fertile soil to grow. These tree reaches up to 19 – 24 feet tall. The fruit of papaya is very tasty and healthy. Once fruit get mature size and semi yellow color then it needs to be covered with clothe because birds or flies will damage.

Sitafal / Custard Apple

 fruit tree that grows fast

Sitafal is one of the fast growing fruit trees in india. It produce fruits which are creamy texture, sweet pulp with small black seeds. The fruits are oval-shaped, from 5 to 12 cm in diameter of green-yellowish color. It grows 10 -20 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Leaves are used to heal wounds and used for medicinal purposes. Sitafal tree propagated by seeds.


mulberry tree

It required minimal care due to its hardy nature. The tree which is grown by seeds will take 10 years to bear fruits. So it is suggested to grow this tree by grafting method for early fruits. It reaches 10-14 feet tall within 3 years. Berries colors varies from red to dark purple. While immature fruits are white, green, and pale yellowish.

Ber tree

fast growing fruit trees in indi

Ber tree is also a hardy and vigorous growing fruit tree. It is also called as Indian plum. Bear fruit is vitamin A, C, and B rich with a sweet taste. All fruits may ripen at different times, initially, they are green in color, but when they ripe, they will attain reddish. This tree can be grown in any climate condition. It don’t require much care and maintenance. Mostly you will find this plant in jungles or at roadside.


fast growing fruit trees

Peach tree bear fruits in colder regions like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya, etc. Normally it takes 2-3 years to bear fruits but some special varieties can bear peach fruits within a year. Fruits are very delicious of peach. It reaches 20-25 feet tall but for people who want it short, then they have to frequently do pruning which stops its height to 12 feet tall.


fruit trees in india

Banana is high consumed fruit all over the world. Because of its taste and nutrition. It is fast growing fruit trees in india. Banana trees bear fruits within a year. It required a good amount of watering to do well. Even raw banana fruit is used in a different cuisine. It is loaded with fibers and micronutrients. Banana tree grows 10 to 30 ft tall in two years.

Fig Tree

fruit-trees-in-india -fig

Fig is a deciduous tree which grows 7- 10 meter tall. It is easy to grow plant by cutting or root sukers of other plants. The fig fruits are very juicy with crispy seeds inside. People who have iron-deficiency they need to consume it because it is iron-rich fruit. Its fruits cure some critical health problems like blood pressure, reduces sugar curbing, iron – deficiency.

Citrus tree

Lemon tree

A citrus tree is best for a home garden as it spread a nice scent and fills the landscape with a fresh aroma. Having nimbu on daily basis will boost the immunity of a person. Because it contains vitamin c, potassium, and other nutrients. It is easy to grow plant that reaches 3 to 6 feet tall. The citrus tree grows fast and bears fruits after a year if it is grown in a warm climate. Varieties like Meyer and Eureka grow faster and churn out fruits sooner.



Apricot is the best fast growing fruit trees in india . It is a self-fruitful, means you don’t need pollination partner to get fruit.The single tree is enough for the garden as it self pollinating fruit. The apricot tree grows 9 -12 meters in height. It takes 2 years to produce fruits but it grows mature height within a 1.5 years.



Every home garden must have a pomegranate tree. Because it fruits are rich in nutrition and have many health benefits. Fruits are mostly used to make juices and smoothies. The pomegranate tree is a shrub that grows 12 to 15 feet tall with a round shape. It is drought tolerant so it best for a warm climate. List of fast growing fruit trees is incomplete without pomegranate because it produces fruits within a year of planting.

Pear tree

pear fruit tree

Predominantly Pear trees are cultivated in a cold climates or subtropical climates like an apple. It grows to a good height in a short period of time but takes 2-3 years to start producing fruits. Normal size of the tree is 40 ft but for a home garden, you can go with dwarf variety which rises to 12 feet tall. Pear fruits look similar to apples but the flesh is different. Fruit taste very delicious and good for health.

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