Top [11] Winter Season Vegetables in India

Vegetables To Grow in Winter in India

Winter is the best season to grow a wide variety of vegetables for your kitchen. Nowadays people are preferring fresh and organic vegetables which ultimately promote good health. Winter is a pleasing season during this plant don’t ask for more water and fertilizer. Newbie gardeners should make try to grow vegetables along with winter flower plants. According to your garden space choose below winter season vegetables in india.
We all know that homegrown fresh veggies add incredible flavor to our cuisines and it is cost-effective. Moreover, it has excellent micronutrients, vitamins. To make things easier for you in this article we have provided a list of winter vegetables with images. Scroll down below to read them all.

List Of Winter Vegetables in India


winter season vegetable in india

Good seeds, climate helps cauliflower to form big flower. The Cauliflower belongs to cabbage family and it is a very popular vegetable.  It needs well-drained soil and an ideal temperature of 18 °C. When cauliflower mature the head appears clear white with 6-8 inches in diameter. This vegetable is high in fiber that improves digestion. 



Carrot is one of the most liked rooting vegetables. Propagation is done by sowing seeds directly on ridged or raised beds. The ideal month to sow seeds is September – October. You can harvest them after 80 days of sowing. They grow well in drained soil with high organic matter. Carrots are best source of vitamin A helps improving eyesight.



It is very easy to grow spinach, just sow seeds in raised beds. Within few days it will start rising and after 50 days palak will be ready to harvest. The fresh palak is loaded with excellent nutrients value. It grows well in cold climates, partial shade. Leaves grow 1 feet tall and spread based on a number of seeds sowed. As we knew it is iron rich leaf vegetable that helps improve RBC levels.

Green Peas

list of winter vegetables in india

The green peas plant is a climber, needs trellis support to grow and they are part of the legume family. It rigorously grows in the cold climate areas. Harvesting of pods can be done after 80-90 from sowing seeds. Green peas are mostly used in all types of cuisine to add color and flavor. It is quite nutritious with a fair amount of fiber, antioxidants.



The juicy tomato can easily be grown by sowing seeds. It is popular vegetables of winter season in india. The home cultivated fresh tomato has excellent taste and health benefits. Basically, tomato is a fruit but due to its taste. It is considered as a culinary vegetable. Tomato plants rise to 3 -10 ft height and need support to grow upright.



Some varieties of cabbage grow all year round. Cabbage is a heavy feeder, likes cold climate to grow. Add organic fertilizer once in a week. It will be ready to harvest after 70 days and weight will be around 500 gms to 1 kg. Cabbage leaves are widely used in salads, curries, chinese cuisines, etc. The leaves are low in calories includes Vitamin A, riboflavin, iron.


winter vegetables in india

Capsicum is locally called as Shimal Mirchi and its name changes depending upon place, type. It is eaten raw or cooked and also used for stuffing cheese, meat, etc. green capsicum is good for the eye. It is available in various colors yellow, orange, etc which enhance the look of the recipe.



Potato is a widely cultivated vegetable around the world because it grows well even in poor soil. In India, it is known as “Aalu” and is mostly used in a different kind of cuisines. It grows underground looks light brownish from outside and white inside. You can propagate potatoes in pot with very little care, maintenance. Just it ask for proper watering and sunlight to grow.



Radish is a fast growing winter vegetables in India. This edible root vegetable is well liked in salads. The Radish is found in different varieties, colors, sizes, etc. It germinates quickly and ready to harvest within 40 days. The radish plant do well in full sunlight with clayey loam. Even It can be grown in a medium-sized pot. It has a good amount of potassium that helps in regulating BP.


vegetables of winter season in india

Garlic is a bulb plant that grows 3 ft long belongs to the onion family. The leaves, flowers of the plant are edible. Garlic gloves are more likely used as spices in the sauce, pasta, curry, fries, etc. But botanically it is considered as vegetable. If it is eaten on regular basis, garlic offers numerous health benefits. The only drawback is this vegetable plant takes 8-9 months for harvesting.



Lettuce can easily be cultivated at low temperatures. This leaf vegetable grows 20 to 30cm in height. Leaves are colorful mainly in green found in different sizes and textures. Those leaves are extensively used in salads, soups, sandwiches, etc. Lettuce is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin K. Required ample of water in warm climate but in cold climate just make sure the soil is moist.

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