Best [10] Rainy Season Vegetables in India

Monsoon Vegetables in India – Must Grow

The beautiful season is on the door after hot summer, It is the best time to plant vegetables in the garden. If you have any confusion about which vegetable plant should you grow that gives more veggies with less effort. To solve your confusion we come up with an excellent collection of rainy season vegetables in India. As you know monsoon brings freshness in the air, rain, which are beneficial for plants to grow well. The tap water is not good as natural water.
Most gardeners prefer sowing vegetable seeds in this season. They know that with very little effort, they will get a bucket full of vegetables every week. You know that in the rainy season immunity of humans goes low, to boost it we need to add healthy veggies to our plate. Read the below article and pick the right plant for you.

List Of Vegetables To Be Grown In Rainy Season In India



The carrot is a highly nutritious and antioxidant vegetable. Regular intake will promote lots of health benefits. Some variety grows around the year. Sow seeds in medium-sized pot with a 2-inches gap. Well drained soil, watering helps to grow fast. Eating it on a daily basis improves eyesight, digestion.

Green Beans

green beans

Beans is a climbing vegetable plant that needs support to grow. The ideal time to plant beans is July. It takes 1-2 months for harvest but gives bunches of beans. Once it mature produce a lot of beans that you will start distributing to your neighbors and relatives. Beans only ask for regular watering, sunlight to do well.



Cauliflower is most loved vegetable that is used to prepare delicious curries and fries. It comes in various colors like purple, orange, and yellow. But all of them taste similar with mild sweet. For beginners, it will be challenging to grow. It needs a good amount of care and maintenance. Cauliflower veggie is loaded with high fiber and vitamin K, C, B6. Regular consumption reduces the risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes.

Okra/ Lady Finger

lady finger

Okra is a excellent monsoon vegetables in india. Along with fresh veggie, it clusters beautiful flowers. Bhindi are used to prepare curry and pickles. Grow this plant, enjoy fresh bhindi that are vitamin A rich. Okra is easy to grow plant. June – July is an ideal time for propagation. For quick germination soak seeds overnight before sowing. And finally, choose a spot which gets enough sunlight.



Radish is a root vegetable that are added to salad, soup, etc. The North Indian people prefer “mooli ka paratha”. It contains essential nutrients which boost immunity. Radish needs very less area to grow. While sowing seeds keep at least 2inches of space. It will be ready to harvest within 3-4 weeks from planting.


rainy season vegetables in india

The juicy tomato’s are versatile vegetables that can be added to many cuisines. Newbie gardeners can easily plant it, by sowing seeds in a medium-sized pot. Within 12 days the seedlings will start appearing. You can find wide variety of tomatoes choose best one. It needs 4-5 hours of sunlight and well drained soil to rise fast.

Bitter Gourd

bitter gourd

We know that bitter gourd is most disliked vegetable by kids and adults because of taste. But it is packed with vitamin A, C which improves vision and skin health. July is a perfect time to sow seeds and give proper trial support to grow. But never try to transplant because its roots are delicate. Organic manure can be added for the more production of veggies.


monsoon vegetables in india

Beetroot becoming popular among people because it detoxes the body. It is packed with vitamin B2, manganese, potassium, etc. Planting root vegetables is very easy, so newbie gardeners should go for propagation. Sow seeds in a spot where direct sunlight reaches. Beetroot gets ready to harvest 7-8 weeks after planting.

Pointed Gourd

Pointed Gourd

Popularly know as parval in hindi. It belongs to gourd family and grows with trail support. Pointer gourd can be propagated by seeds, cuttings, root sucker. But suggested way of propagation is seedling, Soak seeds overnight for better growth. Parval has numerous health benefits like improving digestion, blood purifier, control cholesterol level. So it is best vegetables to be grown in rainy season in india.


vegetables to grow in rainy season in india

Palak is a widely consumed green leafy vegetable. It is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Regular intake improves blood glucose level, bone health and lowers the risk of cancer. Plant palak at a spot where it gets partial shade to full sunlight. For faster growth watering is must, try to keep soil moist but not too soggy. Enjoy fresh palak after four-five weeks.

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