[12] Best Tropical Flowering Plants For Your Garden

Exotic Tropical Flowers You Must Grow

We listed best tropical flowering plants in this blog. The tropical flowers looks very exotic, fascinating with different colors, fragrances and shapes. Add some of the below flowers in your garden to make it more beautiful. It is going to brighten your mood and sense of joy, happiness.  These flowers need above or average temperature of 18 degree celsius to grow and cluster fabulous flowers. They love hot, humid environment and grows well in this climate. Tropical flowers don’t like cold climate and survival becomes to difficult for them. Scroll down to check the list.

List Of Tropical Flower Plants



Clivia is a tropical plant originated in south Africa. It takes very long time to cluster flowers, so it is better to bring mature plant from nearby nursery. Flowers blooms late winter and found in different shades orange, red, pink, etc.  It can survive in same pot nearly for five year. Due to this clivia is a best houseplant.



It is commonly known as tail flower, flamingo flower due to its shape, colors. It is mostly grown as a indoor plant, because it cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Anthurium cluster glossy red colored spathes which six inches long. Even the leaves are very attractive, It looks like heart shaped usually grows twelve inches long. It is popular houseplant, the flower are good cut bouquet with two weeks vase life.



Bromeliad is native to southern united state. It is evergreen house plant with vibrant colors like pink, red, purple and white. The flower of bromeliad looks elegant with multiple petals. The leaves as special ability to absorb water from air and even it looks like pineapple leaves. It can withstand wide variety of temperature and drought condition.

Bird Of Paradise

tropical flowers

The flowers blooms in multicolor which looks spectacular and resembles bird. Bird of paradise is also known as crane flower. It needs rich soil, fertilizers to grow well and rise upto 4 meter tall. The leaves are larger size smiliar to banana leaf. It ask warm climate, enough sunlight and care. Finally you will able to enjoy the bloom in your garden.



Bougainvillea is evergreen climbing plant that blooms all year round. It cluster tiny cute flowers in bunches ranges of red, pink, white, yellow. This plant is usually trained to climb trellis or walls. It needs minimum four hour of sunlight to grow well. Bougainvillea is best suitable for the  house which has compound wall. Once it roots are stable it grows vigorously.



This tropical flower is native to South Africa that cluster largest flower head in the genus. It is also knows as king protea due to its flower size. Flowers has longest vase life, so it is extensively used in floral arrangement. It requires very less water once or twice a week is enough. It is drought – tolerant and grow 4 -12 feet tall.


 List Of Tropical Flower Plants

The flower looks like little tail in red shade which is eye catcher. Chenille is perennial flowering plant can grown in pot to bring indoor. It grows 5 -10 ft tall and spread 3-6 feet wide. Propagation can be done by seeds or cutting. It needs regular fertilization to produce cute fuzzy red flowers. Chenille  bears different nickname ‘red hot cat tail’ and ‘fox tail’ because of its flower shape.



Pentas is shrub which popularly referred as Egyptian Star. It cluster lovely little star shaped flowers with five petals. Flowers are generally pink, red, purple and white. It grows nearly 20 – 40 inches tall and equally spread wide. Pentas is hardy, low maintenance shrub which blast bunches of flowers. It can be propagated by seedling and cutting.



Canna blooms flashy, colorful flowers that stand tall on stem. Flowers comes in many shades yellow, red, orange, and pink. It is grown from bulb during late winter or early summer. These plant typically rises to 3 to 5 feet tall. Moreover it is also hardy, low maintenance tropical flowering plants for outdoor garden.


tropical flowering plants

Amaryllis are member of the Amaryllidaceae, native to south America. It is popularly know for its stunning flowers and can grown from bulb. The bulb of amaryllis are quite costly compare to other bulbs as it is reusable. It blooms attractive 6-8 flowers at the top of their stem. These plant reaches 1 to 2 feet tall and spread 10  inches.



Choosing right orchid plant is very difficult because it has hundreds of geners and thousands of species. Orchid clusters fragrant flower with multiple colors and wide variety of shades are found pink, yellow, red, etc. Eventually it reaches only 2 feet tall. Orchid grow well in pot which makes it best suitable for indoor. Healthy bulb should be selected for better result.


Exotic Tropical Flowers

Medinilla is tropical flowering plants native to Philippines and commonly known as Philippine orchid. It is epiphyte which means it grows on other plant. It do well in humid climate as it absorb water from moist air. The flower are juicy pea-shaped long ranges pink, red, purple. It grows six feet long on plants, trees, trellis.

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