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Top Citrus Fruits Varieties in India

To boost immunity, metabolism then one should intake citrus fruit on a regular basis. As we know that citrus fruits are powerhouse of vitamin c and other essential vitamins. In this blog, you will get to know about different citrus fruits in India. Some of the varieties are ideal for pot planting. You can easily grow them in your backyard. All the citrus fruits belong to the family of Rutaceae and most of them are native to Asia.

Some varieties taste sweet and sour. while Lemon, green lime taste only sour. But all of them refresh us as soon as we drink its juice. Moreover people who want faster fat loss they can have lemonade every single day at morning with empty stomach. The upper layer of citrus fruit is known as zesty which is used to add flavor to dishes. It means the entire fruit can be used without any waste. 

List of citrus fruits in india



Popularly known as sweet orange grow well in a tropical and subtropical climate. India is the third-largest producer of orange fruit in the world. Mostly it is cultivated in Pune and Coorg in india.  It is evergreen treen which rises to average height of 30 feet. Consuming enough orange helps to maintain healthy skin and it is low sodium fruit that helps to regulate BP.



Mosambi juice consumed more than its fruit due to sweet taste. Mosambi fruit is a medium sized-oval shape with green color. It turns into light yellow as it starts ripening. It promotes many health benefits like aids digestion, relief from motion sickness. Mosambi tree grows 25 feet tall and starts bearing fruits when it turns 5 years old.


citrus fruits in india

It is named “tangerine” because it is exported from the city of Tangerine, Morocco. The tangerine look similar to orange, but they are smaller than orange fruit. Tangerine fruit are more sweeter than other citrus fruit. The fresh fruit is used in desserts, salads, and main dishes. Color of this fruit is reddish-orange. It contains a good amount of vitamin A compare to orange.

Grape Fruit


The scientific name of grapefruit is Citrus Paradisi. It is a hybrid citrus fruit that tastes bittersweet to sour. Grapefruit has a thick layer, inner flesh color vary from pale yellow to red. It is excellent source of vitamin C, A with very few calories. Which ultimately helps in weight loss, controlling blood pressure. One grapefruit provides 70 mg vitamin c that fulfills daily requirement.



Lemon is a small evergreen fruit tree native to northeast India. Lemons are widely propagated in assam and india is the largest producer in the world. Lemonade is a popular drink prepared from the lemon. It contains 5% of citric acid that makes a sour taste. Small quantity is enough to add flavor to cuisines. Lemons are loaded with vitamin c and flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Regular intake helps in lowering blood pressure, increase iron absorption. It is best suited for pot planting.


list of citrus fruits in india

Galgal (citron) is native to Uttarakhand and widely used to make pickles. The Galgal pickle is very popular in the western Himalayas region. Fruit size will be bigger than normal lemon, as it rips it will change to yellow color. It is propagated by seeds and tree rises to 5 meters tall. Galgal grows well in low altitude. It is one of the best hill region citrus fruits in india.


citrus varieties in india

Kinnow is a hybrid of two citrus Mediterranean Mandarin & King Orange. It looks similar to orange but it is more juicer than orange. We can identify by its skin, orange has thin layer where kinnow as thick, tight skin. The price of kinnow is lighter lower side because it has more seeds compare to orange. It is highly cultivated in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, etc. The tree of kinnow grows an average height of 25 feet.

Buddha’s Hand

citrus fruits in india buddhas hand

It is also known as fingered citron because of its looks. The origin traced back to northeast India or china. Buddha hand can be planted by cutting method and produces fresh fragrant citrus fruit. These fruits are used to fragrant rooms, clothes, because it has little to no flesh inside. Even it is offered in Buddhist temples in china.  



Clementine is a hybrid between sweet orange and mandarin orange. These are more sweeter, juicy, and less acidic with 8-14 segment. Two Clementine is enough to fulfill a daily quota of vitamin c. It is rich in vitamin and minerals which can improve your eyesight, skin. Warn climate are ideal for the planting of Clementine. It needs moderate care to grow well.

Kaffir lime

kaffir lime

The kaffir lime is native to southeast Asia. Kaffir word is derived from Arabic. Its fruit and leaves are used in many dishes and especially in thai cuisines to add flavor. Moreover its essential oils and crushed leaves used in perfumery. The leaves are extensively used in many forms compare to fruit. Kaffir tree reaches the height of 6 to 15 ft and produces greenish fruit.



Mandarin is a small citrus fruits tree in india with height of 7 meters. Fruit taste sweet to less sour and available seedless or with few seeds. Moreover, outer layer is very thin which can be peeled off easily. Like other citrus fruit, It is loaded with vitamin c, minerals, and even it contain fiber which improves digestion. Due to small size you can pick this plant for your garden.

Bitter Orange


It is one of the extremely bitter taste citrus fruits in India. Bitter orange is native to Asia which is basically a cross between pomelo and mandarin orange. The leaves, flowers, and fruits are used to make essential oil, perfumes. Even this is widely used to prepare herbal medicines and marmalade. Through seedling one can propagate it. In Turkish and Iraqi cuisines bitter orange are extensively used.

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