[12] Classy Types Of Indoor Succulent Plants India -Easy to Grow

Best Succulents For Indoors Must Try

Succulents plants are Easy to grow and low caring. This natural succulent plants are more appealing, elegant than artificial ones. In this article, we compiled a list of Indoor Succulent Plants India for you. Newbie gardeners must give try to grow this plant because with very little effort they are going to get extraordinary results. You can choose a small pot, hanging basket, geometric glass vase for propagation. It will please every single person with its looks, structure.

Everyone like receiving succulent as a gift from a child to grandparents. Most of the gardeners prefer growing succulents plant inside the house because it don’t ask for more water, fertilizer. These fabulous plants need minimal care and water. Placing a small succulent plant in the study area, balcony enhances the aroma of area. Moreover, improve air quality and mood of the person. 

Indoor Succulent Plants India For Home

Snake Plant


 It is a perfect succulent plant for the guest rooms, bedrooms, etc. This plant grows straight and has beautiful long leaves with dark green stripes, yellow edges. Snake plant thrives in low light, covert co2 to oxygen and also remove harmful chemicals from air. These all qualities also makes it  best air-purifying plant.  Snake plants are hardy, tough can survive in any climate. So new gardener must have this succulent plant in their basket.

Burro’s Tail

types of indoor succulents

It belongs to the hardy sedum family also known as “Donkey Tail”. Burros Tail is a drought-tolerant, hardy plant best suited for the warm climate. As The leaves grow they drop downward and They are physically fragile. Best way to treat them is to ignore, keep them in a spot of indirect sunlight and add little water once in 15 days. Each leave is enough to propagate a new plant.  These rice-shaped leaves are nonpoisonous to children/pets.



Agave is a succulent plant with large leaves which generally grow 10 feet in height and width. It will be an elite plant in your backyard because of the symmetry leaves structure. It needs ample of direct sunlight for quick growth. After years it will bloom beauteous flower in the center and then main plant will die. But good part is it produce pups, offshoot from their base to replace themselves.

Jade Plant


Jade is easy to grow indoor succulent plants india. It has excellent long live i.e it can be passed to generations. You may have noticed that people like to plant jade in their homes, offices. As they consider it as a symbol of good luck. With their thick oval shape leaves, woody stems jade plant looks like a miniature plant. It adopts well in dry, warm climate conditions. Watering should be done carefully because its susceptible to rot.

Hens & Chick


These plants grow well inside, outside in any climate condition. The mother plant (Hen) is attached to babies (chicks) by an underground runner. The chicks can be pulled off from their mother and can be grown separately. It doesn’t require much soil, even this succulent plant do well in rock crevasses. Once chick plant matures it looks like rosettes which are best for exterior, interior of the home. They have a good growth rate and spring season is ideal to propagate.

Lace Aloe


Lace aloe is an amazing fast-growing house plant. It has fleshy, dark green leaves which are different from other aloe plants. Grows well during summer and autumn seasons. It is one of the hardy plant in their genes but find difficult to survive in a cold climate. With proper care, the leaves can reach 6 – 10 inches long. For better results add liquid fertilizer and watering.

Sticks On Fire


Plant color is the main reason for name of the plant. This woody succulent plant has bright orange, red, pink, and yellow shades on its stem. Which looks stunningly attractive. It grows vigorously and needs more reportings than other succulent plants. Stick on fire can be planted using stem cutting. Moreover, it is a toxic plant take proper precautions while working on it.

Zebra Haworthia

zebra haworthia

Zebra plant looks appealing with thick green leaves and bumps of white tubercles on it. This plant grows only 6-9 inches tall which makes it leading Indoor Succulent plants india for house. Choose medium sized colorful pot for the propagation as it looks exceptionally great in that. If you want to grow outside make sure that there will be no direct sunlight fall on it, they have delicate leaves.



It has a unique appearance that makes glasswort healthy option for any garden. Prefer a sunny position in the garden, in winter it becomes semi-dormant. Glasswort is a pest, diseases free and they are intoxic to pets, humans. The common variety of glasswort reaches up to 15 inches tall. It is the finest succulent herb to have in your garden as it is edible.

Aloe Vera

Succulent Plants India

Aloe Vera is extremely hardy and low-care succulent plant. It has long, fleshy light green leaves which are attractive. These leaves are known for their medicinal purpose and are used in different cosmetic products. It should be planted in well drained soil. It cannot tolerate water logging in the container. Aloe vera asks for partial sunlight for better growth. Every household must have this plant because it helps to cure small burns, rashes.

Stone Crop

succulent house plants stonecrop

Stone crop is ideal for outdoor gardens because it can do well in any climate conditions from freezing to warm. Caring is pretty easy, comes in different shades red, pink, yellow, and green. Its blooms attract bees, butterflies for nectar. This plant ask for well-drained soil, occasionally watering. For propagation, all you need is a piece of stonecrop leaf.

Ponytail Palm

ponytail palm

Ponytail palm has bulbous trunk which stores water,  the leaves are green leathery, long, lush. It is a unique eye-catching popular succulent house plants. They are easy to grow and need bright sunlight, moderate watering. Outdoor Ponytail rise to 15 feet in tall, indoor one not more than 4 feet. The propagation can be done by offset–baby plant.

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