Top [11] Lovely Hanging Plants For Balcony in India

Best Hanging Plants For Balcony India

Hi Guys, The wait is over on user’s demand we come up with the best collection of hanging plants for balcony in india. I know in today’s world mostly peoples are working in a corporate office and they are living in metro cities and urban areas. Morevoer they are preffering aparments houses to live. In apartments, there will be less space for planting flowers, shrubs, etc. But don’t let yourself limited to less area of space. Think innovatively and start growing eye-catching hanging plants in our balcony.

Which will add charm to your space and create a sense of freshness around the balcony area. Choose a good quality hanging basket, add organic-rich soil and finally pick your favorite hanging plants from the list below. Now you can’t say that I don’t have enough space for gardening. This idea is good for renters as well as house owners. Please read, share it with your colleagues, friends, family members, and create go green environment.

List Of Hanging Plants For You

Baby’s Tears

baby's tears

Baby’s tears belong to nettle family have dense tiny leaves which looks fabulous. It grows vigorously, covers the entire basket with its leathery stems and round leaves. To limit its growing pruning should be done. It can also be used as a filler plant or land covering in a garden. This plant needs a good amount of watering along with proper sunlight to grow fast.

Birds Nest Fern

Birds Nest Fern

It is named as birds nest due to new leaves grow from the center area of the plant. It has delicate long leaves which look stunningly attractive and it’s a great addition to hanging baskets. The leaves are very fragile so they need to be avoided from touching, harsh sunlight. Birds nest fern are slower growers and reach 2-3 feet tall when mature.

String Of Pearls


This plant has a long wiry stem with round-shaped fleshy foliage which looks stunningly great. As it becomes mature it stems will be sprawling over the edge of the container. String pearls add a unique focal point to the household with their necklaces like shape. During blooming season it clusters tiny flowers in white shades. It grows really fast and just asks for 6 to 8 hours of indirect sunlight.

Boston Fern

boston fern

Boston fern have light green shaded long leaves belonging to the fern family. It is one of the popular hanging plants for balcony in india. Most gardeners prefer them because it has lush foliage and removes harmful pollutant from air. This plant can also be propagated as an indoor plant because it improves air quality. It thrives well in humidity climate and loves moist air.



Without much effort, If you need greenery in the balcony just plant pothos. It is an evergreen plant with love shaped leaves. Pothos are very popular because of their versatile nature. It can be planted in soil as well as in a vase of water. Its long stems can climb or trial using support. Cutting is the best way to propagate pothos. It is going to excellent choice for hanging pot.

English Ivy


English ivy is a evergreen vine that can spread horizontally. It does well in containers, baskets, where it can tumble over the edges. In a balcony, it can be trailed on walls, if allowed it will climb 20 feet. Moreover, due to its aggressive growth habit, people use them as ground covering. For better result english should be watered often enough.

Burro’s Tail

burros tail

The burro’s tail looks tailed with lush green leaves. It is a heat and drought tolerant plant ideal for warm-climate regions. Its oval shaped leaves with long stems drail down which look really adorable. Burros plants do well in sandy soil, thrive fast with direct sunlight. Avoid overwatering or it will start rotting.


 best hanging plants for balcony india

Peperomia is a smart choice for beginners houseplant due to its low maintenance, perennial. It has heart shaped soft textured leaves found in different shades like gray, red, green, etc. peperomia genus looks quite different from one another. It grows 12 inches in height which makes these plant a good option for balconies, indoor spaces. Don’t be too enthusiastic at watering you might end up killing your plant.

Air Plant


The roots help air plant to thrive on other surfaces like plants, trees, rocks, ground, etc. Air plant has nearly 700+ species with this it is becoming very popular around the world. The long leaves, spiky foliage resembles like a ponytail. It is a unique plant that can be just hanged in a transparent bowl or can be planted in soil. This makes it’s best hanging plants for balcony india.

String Of Banana

String Of Banana

This plant is close relative to a string of pearls but it thrives very fast with less care. The stems trail’s all way down including banana shaped leaves. You can even train it to climb upword using trail support. It will be ideal hanging plants for your balcony because it can grow 36 inches long. These plant don’t require much care, fertilizers to grow. It need only sufficient bright sunlight.

Jade Plant


Jade plant is a popular succulent plant among gardeners. Its stem has a tree-like small structure with flesh tiny round leaves. This plant is treated as a luck plant, money plant in some parts of Asia. It thrives well with 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. Propagation can be done through leaf cuttings or stem. Water once every two weeks because its leaves store water. Pruning must be done to make jade grow fast.

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