11 Best Blue Flowers in India That You Can Grow Easily

Top Blue Flowering Plants in India

To make your home garden look unique and appealing we come up with a list of blue flowers in India for you. The blue color is a symbol of loyalty, intelligence, and happiness. The blue color is the most liked color around the world because nature represents it from ocean to sky. Below you will find gorgeous flowers with different shades of blue color like sky blue, purple blue, royal blue, etc. The blue flowers plant can easily grown in garden or in single pot without much effort.

Moreover, it adds excellent aroma to the garden. Gifting blue flowers to friends, family members will make you stand out of the crowd and it relives all your happy moments. Here are some beautiful blue flower plants choose your favorite one for your garden. We request you please click on the bell icon to receive notification of a new post.

Blue Flowers Name, Images in India

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

The funnel shaped flower of morning glory cluster in the morning and close in the afternoon. They are available in an array of shades like blue, purple, red, yellow. Plant morning glory near fence it occupies entire area very quickly. The bloom brings old-fashioned charm to your garden. Even it attracts butterflies, hummingbirds for pollination. Add liquid fertilizer during growing period and water twice a week.

Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

The Blue orchid flowers are breathtaking because of their looks, texture. There are numerous varities and multi shades in orchid family. It start blooming flowers in winter to spring. Mostly people prefer planting it has indoor plant. After blooming you must cut down the old stem for regrwoth of new one.  They need moist environment to grow well.

Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth blooms unique small bulb shaped flower which resembles grapes. It can be planted through bulb and grows really quickly. So it is best to plant at the edges of the garden path. It reaches 7 to 8 feet tall, starts clustering flowers in mid-spring. This plant is low maintenance don’t need any fertilizer or extra care. It does well with normal sunlight and rainfall.


To make garden elegant, eye catching this plant need to be planted. It cluster perfect star shaped flower in sky blue color with yellow foliage at the center. The exotic appearance makes it the most liked blue flower plant in India. They grow 2-3 feet tall and it fluffy flower shows for several weeks.  It enjoys full sunlight and regular watering. Bluestar can be propagated by seeds in well-drained soil.


 blue flower plant india

The clematis are climber flower plant that requires trellis support to grow. It blooms deep purple colored flowers with 5-6 petals which are stunningly attractive. Clematis rises 8 to 12 feet in height, do well with trellis or fence support. It needs plenty of space to climb, grow. It takes a year to mature and bloom. So it is better to purchase a 4 month old plant. It asks for 6-hour sunlight and regular watering.



There are nearly 300 species in the genus Iris. The Iris produces six petaled lovely flowers which really eye soothing. It comes in different sizes from 6 inches to 5 feet and in various color patterns. They prefer full sunlight and fertile, slightly acid soil. Plant rhizomes 3 – 4 inches deep exposing the upper part a little during late summer.


blue flowers name in india

Periwinkle is a popular evergreen perennial flowering plant around the Asia region. Gardeners prefer to grow it as ground covering because of their hardy nature. One small plant can spread about 8 feet of area. With little care, you can enjoy the fabulous bloom. It grows vigorously in partial shade and rises 9 – 12 inches tall.



The aster plant has more than six hundred varieties. It is a rewarding blue flower plant because it blooms a pleasing flower, reaches 3 to 4 feet tall and they are best for pots. Aster brings beauty to garden in late summer and fall. Moreover, it is a versatile plant as it can be grown in rock gardens, wildflower gardens, borders. Winter is the ideal time to sow seeds of aster plant.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

It comes in multiple shades but blue colored flower looks vibrant. Blue Hydrangea cluster in ball-shaped during spring and summer. This plant is going to be a showstopper in your yard due to its stunning blooms. It grows 15 feet tall so it is best for landscaping. Early spring is an ideal time to propagate this plant. Blue hydrangea needs direct sunlight and moderate watering.

Balloon Flower

balloon Flower

It blooms a intense blue shade flower in a balloon shape. A different range of shades are available like deep blue, pink, white. They are easy to grow and easy to maintain plant. It can tolerate dry conditions because of hardy nature. It starts clustering appealing flowers in early summer. Start growing balloon flower by seeds in the spring season. For faster growth make sure it is getting a minimum of 6 hours sunlight.


Cornflowers are charismatic hardy blue flowers in India.  It is popularly used as a bedding plant, cut flowers for a home garden. Furthermore, it is extensively used as a boutonniere in weddings, receptions. Cornflowers are carefree because they can tolerate drought conditions. Sow seeds from March to get pretty bloom in early winter. For faster growth, it asks for 6-9 hours of sunlight. 

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